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Anti-DDoS - Anti-DDoS Pro integrated with Alibaba Cloud Log Service

Jun 29 2018

Anti-DDoS Pro Layer 7 log real-time collection, query and analysis, and report display

Target customers: Anti-DDoS Pro Layer 7 customers Features released: 1. Anti-DDoS Pro Layer 7 log real-time collection can be achieved with simple configuration 2. Based on Log Service, real-time log analysis and out-of-the-box report center (customization is supported) are provided. The user has a clear view of database status, performance, and potential security issues and can dig for details in real time 3. Log storage, query and real-time analysis are provided free of charge for 3 days, and storage time can be freely extended for compliance, traceability, and filing, etc. Unlimited storage is supported. Quasi-real-time monitoring and alarm can be customized based on specific indicators to ensure timely response to key business exceptions. It can connect with other ecosystems such as StreamCompute, Cloud Storage, and visualized solutions to further explore data value

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