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Simple Log Service (SLS) - ALB Log Center Released

Log Service provides Application Load Balancer (ALB) Log Center to help you visualize, analyze, and inspect real-time access logs.

Target customers: customers who use Alibaba Cloud ALB instances. Features released: ALB Log Center aggregates real-time access logs and provides intelligent inspection and alerting features. The following benefits are provided: (1) Stores, queries, and analyzes real-time access logs. (2) Extracts metric data in real time, for example, the number of PVs, request success rate, average latency, P50 latency, P99 latency, P9999 latency, and inbound and outbound traffic. ALB Log Center also allows you to combine the app_lb_id, host, method, and status fields when you analyze metric data. (3) Provides visualized reports, for example, monitoring dashboards, exception dashboards, operational dashboards and allows you to send reports to specified email addresses and DingTalk groups. (4) Provides the intelligent inspection feature to support global or app_lb_id-based inspection, and highlights exceptions in visualized charts. (5) Allows you to configure alert settings and notification methods based on your needs. Available notification methods include Alibaba Cloud Message Center, SMS messages, emails, voice calls, DingTalk, and custom webhooks.

7th Gen ECS Is Now Available

Increase instance computing power by up to 40% and Fully equipped with TPM chips.
Powered by Third-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors (Ice Lake).

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