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Quick BI - Acceleration Engine Released in Quick BI V4.1 to Calculate Billions of Data Records Within 0.3 Seconds

Sep 28 2021

Quick BI
The big data acceleration engine is released in Quick BI V4.1 to accelerate data computing for your reports in the data technology (DT) era.

Target customers: customers who are engaged in the Internet, large-sized retail, finance and insurance, manufacturing, and education industries, and public service sectors. Feature released: The big data acceleration engine is released in Quick BI V4.1. Quick BI can aggregate and calculate billions of data records within 0.3 seconds by using this engine. This significantly accelerates data computing for your reports in the DT era. 1. Acceleration engine (1) Data extraction is accelerated. The acceleration engine of Quick BI Enterprise Standard can extract data from MaxCompute and AnalyticDB for MySQL databases. (2) Data Lake Analytics (DLA) is used to accelerate real-time data computing of MaxCompute. Quick BI Enterprise Standard with the specifications of 12 CPU cores and 48-GB memory is provided free of charge. 2. Permission management The centralized control module is launched to manage BI portals, data sources, dashboards, and workbooks in a fine-grained manner. This helps you comprehensively and securely manage permissions. 3. Experience improvement (1) A new workbench is launched to allow developers and analysts to work more efficiently. (2) The workspace list is optimized to help developers and analysts view and manage resources more efficiently. (3) The trend analysis table is introduced to clearly show business trends. 4. Integration You can log on to Quick BI Enterprise Standard from your mobile terminal by using Lark. New themes and custom BI portals are added to mobile terminals, which helps you obtain data more conveniently.

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