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Alibaba Cloud is committed to building a secure and reliable global digital infrastructure. Through our industry-leading security compliance practices and best-in-class cloud services, we help enterprises expand their business to Singapore.

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Why Work with Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud's IaaS infrastructure capability is the No. 1 in the world, with computing, storage, network, and security products, which are in the field by Gartner.

  • Security and Legal Compliance

    Companies must meet compliance requirements when they develop global businesses. Alibaba Cloud is the most recognized cloud service provider in Asia. Alibaba Cloud has obtained a comprehensive range of certifications and attestation reports worldwide to help customers fulfill security and compliance responsibilities on the cloud. In addition, Personal Data Protection Commission Singapore (PDPC) enforces the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) in Singapore.

  • Global Coverage

    At present, Alibaba Cloud has established 89 zones in 30 regions around the world to provide computing, storage, and intelligent services for billions of worldwide users. A robust infrastructure is the foundation of all plans and projects.

  • Localization Support in Singapore

    The international headquarters of Alibaba Cloud Group is located in the core location of Asia Pacific. Singapore is located at the intersection of East and West and is the first choice for enterprises who want to expand the global market. Government agencies and each industry have taken measures from a regulatory perspective to support and promote the adoption of digital technologies and tailor suitable global strategies for customers.

Why Alibaba Cloud's Go Global Services

Alibaba Cloud has overseas business and has deployed data centers all over the world. Alibaba Cloud interconnects enterprise networks worldwide by using data centers and provides stable Internet access and cross-border interworking.

Reliable Computing Product

We have solutions that include O&M acceleration, data synchronization, DNS load, security compliance, and service support, Alibaba Cloud also has global acceleration based on the global server architecture, hybrid cloud, active geo-redundancy, data operations, and IOS audits.

The security protection mechanisms of Alibaba Cloud have gained recognition from authorities in mainland China and abroad. Alibaba Cloud integrates years of experience in mitigating Internet security attacks into its security protection features and applies a large number of compliance standards to its internal management and product design.

Network Security Protection

Alibaba Cloud offers distinct advantages in network security protection around the world, especially in regions outside mainland China. Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS Premium outperforms these packages and uses a proxy for network access, which can scrub traffic more accurately and efficiently.

High-quality Cross-border Network

Alibaba Cloud is the only cloud service provider that establishes secure and compliant network connections between mainland China and other regions.The network latency between the China (Hong Kong) region and China (Shenzhen) region is about 6 ms. Alibaba Cloud is the first choice for Chinese enterprises who want to go abroad and customers who want to do business in mainland China.

Comprehensive and Rich Industry Solutions

Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive range of Go Global solutions that cover various fields, such as gaming, Internet entertainment, e-commerce, and innovative businesses. Alibaba Cloud also takes advantage of its rich industry expertise to ensure the success of customers in the global market.

Local Team in Singapore

Solutions Tailored to Every Customer Singapore's Alibaba Cloud local team and local ecological partners can help enterprises solve the problems that need to be addressed, such as company registration, visa processing, and financial and tax laws. This way, enterprises that choose to explore the global market can land without worries and focus on rapid business development.

Global Ecosystem Partners

The ecosystem partners of Alibaba Cloud from various sectors, such as artificial intelligence (AI), metaverse, e-commerce, new retail, and zero-carbon, provide tailored strategies and services for your global businesses.

Go Global

Globalization of Chinese enterprises–compliance, branding, and digitization. Different strategies to expand the global market have been formulated based on the development requirements of customers.

New Customers

It is suitable for customers who have never set foot overseas or have just started global businesses. The customers have limited experience in the technology, products, business, and culture required to carry out the global businesses, and need support in business, technology, ecology, and market experience. Many customers who want to expand the global market start from Southeast Asia, especially Singapore as the core hub, and then radiate to other countries or regions, such as Europe and the United States.

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The global business is getting on track.

It is suitable for customers who have been exploring the global market for a period of time, and have begun to show specific advantages in certain fields, or have certain experience but have not established advantages, and need to further deepen and expand their market.

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Has mature business in the global market

Alibaba Cloud's wide range of Go Global solutions are suitable for customers who have mature businesses in the global market and gained a competitive edge in sub sectors. The customers have stable traffic and revenues, and their business operations have unique advantages. The customers care about service stability, reputation, and cost-efficiency.

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