Open source PolarDB-X to build ZOZEN smart identity authentication business data base

1、 Company and business introduction

Zhongzheng Intelligent is one of the world's leading biometric and identity authentication companies. We have been responsible for the drafting and compilation of the national standard of fingerprint algorithm of the Ministry of Public Security, and have the ability to research independently from the algorithm, terminal, platform, design, production and delivery. We have a number of products with independent intellectual property rights, and actively cooperate with universities to carry out basic research and development. Tens of thousands of projects have accumulated more than 100 industry experts for us.

Zhongzheng Intelligent has focused on image processing and pattern recognition for 20 years, covering more than 2800 counties nationwide and more than 30 countries in two major regions overseas, with more than 100 patents at home and abroad and more than 150 partners.

At present, Zhongzheng Intelligence is deeply involved in the financial field and has always occupied a leading share in the four major banks.

2、 Problems encountered

With the increase of business data volume, customers' requirements for business reliability have gradually increased, and the requirements for data security and storage have become increasingly stringent. In addition, we are also faced with the problems of problem solving delay and localization transformation.

3、 How to select database for small and medium-sized enterprises

To sum up, we put forward four requirements for database selection: high availability, easy maintenance, low cost and sustainability. PolarDB has significant advantages in the above aspects.

First, high availability. PolarDB's easy-to-expand distributed scheme, three-copy strategy to ensure data storage security, strong consistency of copies, multi-machine room deployment, cross-region multi-live and other features ensure its high availability.

Second, ease of use. PolarDB is fully compatible with MySQL database, provides rich data types and tools, can be horizontally expanded, simple and easy to use, and has a complete document base material.

Third, low cost. The team learning cost, migration cost, use cost and operation and maintenance cost are low, and can be compatible with multiple environments.

Fourth, sustainability. The continuous iteration of the product, the continuous investment of the team, the broad customer base and the active community atmosphere ensure its sustainability.

The PolarDB community team has provided high support and timely response to our development, operation and product teams, laying a solid foundation for the implementation of PolarDB in Zhongzheng Intelligent.

4、 Multi-land distributed data base solution based on PolarDB-X

The above figure shows a multi-location distributed data base solution based on PolarDB-X. We have achieved multiple activities in two places through the small data center in Hangzhou and the data center in Shenzhen. The bottom layer is built based on K8s container.

After completing the PolarDB transformation, our read and write performance, storage performance and response latency have been significantly improved.

Among them, TPS performance improved by 55.8%, response time increased by 46.6%, and business availability increased by 64.6%, which made Zhongzheng Intelligent fully recognized by customers and also established its foothold in the commercial field.

The open source of PolarDB has brought huge benefits to the development of our small and medium-sized enterprises, which can be called "the light of domestic goods". We look forward to more excellent "domestic" products to be exported to help small and medium-sized enterprises overcome difficulties and occupy a place in the world's pillar middleware.

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