The birth of storage product CDS

On September 22, Alibaba Cloud released the world's first Cloud Defined Storage (CDS) product. As a locally deployed distributed storage product, Alibaba Cloud CDS has the same technical architecture as public cloud storage, allowing enterprise customers to deploy and use storage products that are consistent with public cloud storage locally.

Alibaba Cloud CDS is built on the Alibaba Cloud distributed storage system "Pangu 2.0". The maximum IOPS can reach 10 billion. The cloud disk latency is as low as 100 microseconds. It can support tens of exabytes of storage scale. A single bucket supports trillions of files. It also has financial level data disaster tolerance. Alibaba Cloud CDS has a minimum scale of 9 nodes and a maximum scale of 120000 nodes. It has almost unlimited horizontal scalability. Thanks to the excellent scalability and compatibility of Pangu 2.0, Alibaba Cloud CDS supports "one cloud with multiple cores" and can provide consistent product functions and service capabilities on Intel, Haiguang, Kunpeng, Feiteng and other hardware platforms.

This is an important innovation for cloud manufacturers to break the online local boundary and bring the public cloud storage capacity to the local.

Chen Qikun, senior product director of Alibaba Cloud basic products, said, "This is a small step for cloud computing, but it may be a big step for the storage industry."

Cloud defines storage, which is the trend and the future

With the popularization and large-scale application of cloud computing, enterprise customers' functional requirements and usage of storage have changed significantly.

On the one hand, emerging business scenarios emerge one after another, and new applications bring diversified data and IO loads. It is difficult for a common set of storage products to meet the needs of different businesses at the same time.

On the other hand, the cloud infrastructure will inevitably bring about the requirements of resource sharing and multi tenant isolation. How to meet the requirements of resource sharing, reduce performance disturbances, and ensure the use experience and data security of each user has posed new challenges to storage products.

"Cloud defined storage" will be the answer to this challenge.

Chen Qikun said that, different from the traditional "software defined storage", "cloud defined storage" is defined by services. It is a product designed to serve upper layer applications, service multi tenant sharing, and large-scale deployment of services. It is a real cloud era storage.

Alibaba Cloud CDS comes from the cloud

Alibaba Cloud storage carries the complex business scenarios of millions of users on the public cloud. It has honed and accumulated the ability to provide diversified services in practice, which is more suitable for the data storage needs of the cloud computing era. Alibaba Cloud CDS naturally inherits these product capabilities, helping enterprises calmly face the challenges of new business loads.

In addition to having the same product capabilities as the public cloud, Alibaba Cloud CDS natively supports a variety of data types, application scenarios, multi tenant architecture, and self service capabilities. It provides tenant identification and fine-grained resource authentication capabilities. It not only supports resource sharing among tenants, but also achieves resource isolation between services, ensuring enterprise data security.

Alibaba Cloud CDS also has the quality and stability of enterprise storage. Alibaba Cloud CDS has its own full link data verification capability, which can not only detect and correct silent errors caused by hardware, but also avoid logical errors caused by data inconsistency at the software level; According to the analysis of the data accumulated from large-scale operation and maintenance of the public cloud, hardware and disk damage can be predicted in advance, thereby reducing the risk of hardware failure. Alibaba Cloud CDS also provides complete local/remote disaster recovery capabilities, which can help users build financial level storage disaster recovery solutions and provide business continuity assurance.

It is reported that Alibaba Cloud CDS will be officially launched on September 30 and sold together with Alibaba Cloud's proprietary cloud version.

Three years ago, Alibaba Cloud launched the strategic plan of CDS. Chen Qikun believes that the future of enterprise storage will be defined by cloud services, and "cloud defined storage" will lead the transformation of the entire traditional enterprise storage market.

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