How to use Alibaba Cloud to implement full link data tracking

In daily life, when encountering problems such as computer card and delay, we unconsciously think that "the computer is broken". We will mind the waiting brought by every second of delay, which may cause you to lose the game, lose a transaction, miss a love. Therefore, in order to improve this one second delay, we will carefully check the system, hardware, network, etc. They will also spend a lot of money to upgrade the equipment for this one second delay. In our daily life, we can say that "slowness" is a terrible disease, and what is wrong with enterprises?

With the development of the Internet and infrastructure, more and more enterprises have moved their businesses online. Business digitalization has been widely used in various industries, promoting business innovation in various industries, and improving user experience and efficiency. In the wave of business transformation to data, enterprise business is faced with the following four trends:

Experience is one of the key competitiveness: according to the statistics, an increase of 1 second delay will lead to an average loss of 7% of users.

Innovation iteration is accelerating: 55% of applications will release updates every week or even every day.

The basic implementation and architecture are innovating: most enterprise businesses adopt new architectures. These changes make the business more agile and iterative, and can support more complex businesses and improve operational efficiency.

Diversification of O&M data: the capacity, variability and types of O&M data are increasing, such as logs/indicators/links/audits/CMDBs.

From the above four trends, it can be concluded that how to improve the user experience and let the business serve users quickly and stably is the key to the development of enterprises in this era. "Slow" is a kind of failure for enterprises. A second slow down may cause a large number of users to be lost, a second slow down may cause the server to crash, and a second slow down may be eliminated by the market.

But better user experience also means higher investment. It is unwise to make IT facilities a burden in the development of enterprises. How can enterprises overcome such problems?

To solve these problems, "microservice" came into being. Traditional IT architectures are mostly composed of various independent systems. The problems of these systems can be summarized as poor scalability, low reliability and high maintenance costs. However, with the use of microservice architecture, more and more systems have been disassembled into multiple microservices. Enterprises can turn a large number of common functions into services, and continuously split services. Then, according to different business forms, they can quickly assemble front-end applications. Through service assembly and aggregation, they can achieve faster development speed, and the front-end can become lighter.

However, a large number of microservices make the overall operation and maintenance more difficult. Different microservices may bring different types of data, a large number of warnings and endless failures. Can there be a simple way to manage a large number of microservices?

Changjietong Information Technology Co., Ltd., a member enterprise of UFIDA, is committed to providing small and micro enterprises with social, personalized, service-oriented and small-scale business management support. Changjietong makes full use of the advantages of high-frequency interaction between SaaS business and customers to dig into the value of customers, so as to meet the needs of small and micro enterprises for cloud products in many ways. Changjietong proposed the "cloud+end" strategy with Changjietong T+as the core, with digital intelligence finance and taxation, digital intelligence commerce as the core, data services and ecological services as the extension, and established microservice applications through the Spring Cloud technology system to provide customized services for users.

However, due to the growing size of the business line, the microservice architecture distributed everywhere and the rising user volume, the Changjietong O&M team also encountered some bottlenecks, such as

-With high business growth and large user volume, how to identify each user's experience? Can there be data support?

The industry ecosystem is providing full link tracking. How to achieve efficient utilization?

How to manage the microservices scattered in each server and solve the cost problem?

Normalization of security requirements, no way to start with the observability black box of security compliance

The operation and maintenance team of Changjietong deeply explored the use scenarios of log data, and made use of the log service tool capabilities to achieve two goals, providing continuous and strong support for the business development of Changjietong, and ensuring the rapid development of business and the good operation of user experience.

Based on the above problems, Alibaba Cloud has built an in-depth use scheme based on log services for Changjietong, and assisted Changjietong in building the Bohai platform.

User experience awareness solutions:

Based on Alibaba Cloud log service, we collect a full amount of user request logs, process the logs at this level from the tenant dimension, extract Apdex performance score, request success rate score, error request analysis, percentage of error requests affecting tenants and other user-defined indicators, and help customers build a user health system.

User service link tracking solution:

Based on Alibaba Cloud log service, a QR code reporting function has been added on the user side. When users encounter problems in the use process, the QR code will automatically pop up. Users only need to give a screenshot of the interface with the QR code to the problem handler. Subsequent relevant colleagues only need to scan the QR code to reproduce the user's current environment and other information. Combined with the established business link tracking analysis model, the problem can be solved.

System management observability building solution:

Based on Alibaba Cloud log service, combined with various microservices and budget data, the analysis results are visualized in real time, and relevant data are analyzed and extracted, making the overall use situation observable.

Business security compliance solutions:

Based on Alibaba Cloud's log service, Changjietong has re processed the log base, and conducted real-time and regular batch testing for the addition and modification of goods. After that, it has connected the result configuration with the security module, found problems in time, put them in RDS, and notified people to perform subsequent operations, greatly reducing business risks and improving the business security compliance ratio.

Alibaba Cloud has adopted log services to help Changjietong build a usage scenario of user experience awareness, business security compliance, user business link tracking, and cost budgeting, and achieve a full dimension awareness of users, businesses, costs, and security, which has improved the operation and maintenance efficiency by 30%

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