How to use Serverless to create a personal network disk at low cost?


With the continuous growth of global big data, the demand for data cloud storage capacity will continue to expand in the future. According to data from iMedia Research, the storage capacity of global data centers will reach 272 exabytes by 2020. The expanding demand for personal data and cloud storage has accelerated the development of the personal cloud service market. In 2020, the number of personal cloud disk users in China exceeded 400 million.

Although there are some online disk products on the market now, if you try them for free, there are more or less problems. You can refer to the recommendations for online disks that can still be used in China in 2020. This article aims to create a "personal exclusive, unlimited speed, private cloud disk such as the Windows experience" at a lower cost.

KodBox Meets Serverless

Why KodBox?

After investigating many open source web ui filemanagers, kodbox deeply impressed me, and its rich functionality exceeded my imagination. To summarize

Simple, efficient, smooth, cloud based storage&a new collaborative office experience

• Private cloud disk/enterprise network disk such as Windows Experience

• Fully supports privatization deployment, and storage security is controllable

• Online preview, editing, and playback of hundreds of file formats

• Easy sharing, efficient collaboration, fine-grained permission control

Full platform client coverage, anytime and anywhere access, easy synchronization and mounting

For more details, please refer to the Chinese website of kodbox.

Why choose Serverless to host the KodBox application?

The operating time of the network disk is relatively discrete, especially for personal and family websites. Standing by a machine (the database also needs to be installed on the local machine, otherwise there is a separate database fee) can generate a large amount of waste. For example, when everyone goes to bed in the early morning, the machine resources are idle. At 8:00 pm, when family members are engaged in entertainment and leisure, the resources available on a single machine are not sufficient. For example, everyone can watch different 4K high-definition movies online together (of course, everyone can quickly download them to their local PC or phone first). Serverless solves this demand well, paying as you go, and expanding capacity whenever you request it.

Alibaba Cloud functional computing is an event driven, fully hosted computing service. Calculate using a function:

• You don't need to purchase and manage infrastructure such as servers, just write and upload code.

Functional computing prepares you with computing resources to run tasks elastically and reliably.

• Pay as you go, no operation and maintenance

• Provide log query, performance monitoring, and alarm functions.

With functional computing, you can quickly build any type of application and service, and only pay for the resources actually consumed by the task.

Deploying the kodbox project to functional computing, using Alibaba Cloud file storage for database persistence, and using Alibaba Cloud object storage for content storage, we have a dedicated personal and home network disk that allows unlimited expansion of both computing and storage, unlimited network speed, support online preview editing and playback in hundreds of file formats, and easy sharing and collaboration.

DEMO Experience Address:


Account No.: test

password: test@123

After logging in, you can experience a web version of the Windows operating system, preview, edit, and move multimedia files on your NAS disk or OSS.

of course:

"If you successfully deploy, you will have an admin account by default, and you can implement more advanced user management level plug-in installation, etc..."

two You can download a PC or mobile client to achieve automatic backup and synchronization of the network disk

Cost analysis:

• Calculation fee: 0.000110592 yuan/GB-second, with a free quota of 400000 GB-seconds per month. This item is basically free.

• Traffic fee: Function request response traffic: 0.50 yuan/GB, depending on how many files you download from your online disk every month. Uploading does not have a traffic fee. There is no speed limit for uploading and downloading.

• Persistence cost: Alibaba Cloud NAS is used to mainly deploy sqlite databases required for kodbox applications, with a cost of 0.35 GB (* combined with low-frequency media, as low as 0.19 GB per month). Due to the relatively expensive unit price of NAS, it is recommended that NAS disks only be used for kodbox sqlite database storage, which does not exceed 1G, and the cost is 0.35 yuan.

• In the area of pure storage, you can choose your own storage type, taking OSS as an example for file storage. The OSS storage price is shown in the following table. If movie collectors, most movies should be of the cold archive type, assuming that there are 100GB of storage resources, the monthly storage fee is 1.5 yuan.

Rapid deployment and actual operation

• Enable Alibaba Cloud functional computing

• Activate Alibaba Cloud file storage

• When logging in to the AliCloud console, open this tutorial, start fc kodbox, and follow this tutorial to continue.


• If some steps in the tutorial take a long time, please be patient and wait a moment. The CPU performance of the machine specification provided by the cloud shell by default is low, and zip and unzip consume a long time

• If you have your own domain name, you can replace the last domain name for accessing home NAS with your own domain name. For details, refer to the configuration custom domain name calculated by the function

• Log in using the admin account, enter background storage management, and add storage suitable for you

For example, adding an OSS bucket.


Meet Serverless in PHP article to help you solve these pain points! In, we discussed in great detail the best practices and tremendous value of PHP applications in Serverless. One of the most important points is the evolution of FC pop-up instances into a pure execution environment, where PHP web projects are stored on NAS. At this time, we can use Kodbox+FC to implement a windows-like WEB UI for managing PHP projects on NAS, including uploading, overwriting, deleting, and modifying.

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