Python | Use of the requests module

Use of the requests module

In addition to using the browser to send requests to the server, we can also use the third-party module requests to send requests to the server with code and get the results.

# The requests module is a third-party module that can be used to send network connections
# pip install requests

import requests

response = requests.get('')
# print(response) The result is a Response object

# content refers to the returned result, which is a binary and can be used to transfer pictures
# print(response.content.decode('utf8')) # decode binary into string

# The obtained result is a text
print(response. text)

print(response. status_code) # 200

# If the returned result is a json string, the json string can be parsed
# print(response. json())

r = requests.get('')
t = r.text # Get the json string
print(t, type(t)) # {"name": "zhangsan", "age": 18}

j = r.json() # parse the json string into the corresponding data type in python
print(j, type(j)) # {'name': 'zhangsan', 'age': 18}

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