Thoughts on Constructing Anti-entropy System

> *What is entropy increase, combined with your system, talk about what is entropy increase? *
### What is entropy increase
The increase in entropy must first start with the laws of thermodynamics:
> First law of thermodynamics: Heat can be transferred from one object to another, and can be converted into mechanical energy or other energy, but the total value of the energy remains the same during the conversion process
> Law of Conservation of Energy: Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is simply converted from one form to another, or transferred from one object to another, while the total amount of energy remains the same
**【The prerequisite for understanding "entropy" is to understand the value of "energy"】**
The existence of all things has "energy" to support its existence. These "energy" have value because they produce a force in one direction within a certain period of time and promote the existence of things. At this time, an important axiom is: the energy in the universe is conserved, and energy will not disappear out of thin air. That is to say, these valuable energies "come and go", originate from the transformation of lower-level things, or be transmitted by other energies. The stage of "no longer having value" for the subject.
The flow of energy is directional. With the dissipation of energy, the movement of particles will always tend to be disordered. Only if there is work done by the outside world, it is possible to move from disorder to order.
> Entropy: The greater the degree of freedom of energy distribution in the system, the lower the availability of energy and the greater the entropy. measure of energy value
> Principle of entropy increase: In an isolated system, all irreversible processes must proceed in the direction of increasing entropy, which is the principle of entropy increase
> increase. Entropy is constant if the process is reversible.
**【What is the law of entropy increase? Why anti-entropy increase? 】**
——The valuable energy in the closed system must go to less and less until it becomes disordered free entropy, which is inevitable in the closed system. Because there is no longer any external energy that can be absorbed to generate new energy, and the energy in the closed system will go to entropy increase after exerting its own value, and the existing entropy in the system will also hinder the operation of the system itself , leading to low utilization of energy. Accelerate the state of beings to become more disordered, until they disintegrate, merge into higher-level beings, and be absorbed by them as "energy" for their operation.
Summary: The process of energy dissipation from order to disorder is called entropy increase, and entropy increase is an inevitable law of energy conversion.
**Heat entropy** is a physical quantity that represents the degree of chaos in the system state. **Information entropy** refers to the physical quantity that describes the uncertainty of the source.
The larger the entropy, the freer it is, and the more possibilities it represents; the smaller the entropy, the neater and more focused it is.
In the discussion about "**entropy**", in the natural state (no dare, no cleanup), entropy gradually increases** over time. entropy = degree of chaos
### Anti-entropy increase
How entropy decreases:
1. Reduce dissipation, reduce obstruction, reduce internal friction, and work together
2. Opening: forming a negative entropy flow
3. Order is born in disorder, and order is found in disorder (enhancing dimension)
4. Excavate higher dimensions and integrate low dimensions into high dimensions
How to introduce negative entropy:
1. Make an open system and continuously introduce garbage collection mechanism
2. Make a dissipative structure, away from equilibrium, from disorder to order
3. Dimension upgrade, upgrade to combat low latitudes
### Entropy of business system
**Code Entropy**: In an isolated code system, as time goes by, the code increases, and the entropy proceeds in the direction of increasing. The degree of code confusion is called code entropy.
**Management entropy**: In continuous development iterations, no matter how perfect the management rules are, as time goes by, management becomes increasingly chaotic, and the degree of management chaos is called management entropy.
**Operation entropy**: In the continuous operation of the business system, as time goes by, the iteration of the version, the replacement of personnel, the operation of the business system becomes increasingly chaotic, and the degree of chaos in the operation state of the business system is called the operation entropy.
Before drawing out the point of view, I will emphasize again **Natural state**, the natural state can be understood as letting go, without strong intervention, in the natural state, everything is in its natural evolution state, that is, the direction of entropy gradually increasing and becoming increasingly chaotic evolve.
It is precisely because of code entropy, management entropy, and operation entropy that business systems cannot maintain long-term stability in a natural state. A single large mud ball is a typical embodiment of code entropy. Code entropy, management entropy, and operation entropy are actually three different dimensions of chaos. They all have three time dimensions, which together form a three-dimensional + one-dimensional evolution variable function structure. ——This is the principle of entropy increase in business systems
### Build an anti-entropy business system
1. Break the natural state: The function structure of the three-dimensional + one-dimensional evolution of the business system cannot be changed, but there is an entropy increase premise that in the natural state, the natural state is broken, and the outside world is continuously introduced in the dimensions of code, management, and operation. intervene.
2. Build a garbage collection and cleaning mechanism: It has to be said that the garbage collection mechanism of high-level computer languages greatly reduces the process of entropy increase and kills memory entropy. Similarly, for business systems, it is also necessary to build code-oriented, management-oriented, and operation-oriented garbage collection mechanism.
- Code garbage collection: continuous and regular code tidying, architecture upgrade, continuous refactoring
- Management of garbage collection: continuous self-review, continuous improvement of management efficiency, elimination of even the best methods used in the past; embrace agility
- Run garbage collection: cloud-native, stateless, continuous refactoring and upgrading, maintain good maintenance documents, and eliminate outdated configuration and operation and maintenance methods
3. The business system is fluid, embraces change, and stays away from balance
#### Software system anti-entropy means
> There is only one thing management has to do, how to fight against entropy increase. — Drucker
- Architecture design, breaking code entropy
- Agile research and development, breaking management entropy
- Cloud native and DevOps, break the running entropy

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