XGRIDS 3D reconstruction service

Abstract: The domain innovation of XGRIDS, a high-precision 3D modeling enterprise, is based on Alibaba Cloud to build its own high-precision 3D reconstruction cloud platform. It uses Alibaba container services and ECS cloud servers based on NVIDIA A10 Tensor Core GPU to help XGRIDS deploy its own 3D reconstruction computing resource pool within a few hours, greatly saving resource deployment time; No offline hardware investment is required, reducing deployment and operation and maintenance costs. At the same time, cloud flexibility guarantees that XGRIDS can rapidly expand its capacity in the temporary sudden increase of business, making computing more efficient and scheduling more flexible, and helping customers in the start-up period to rapidly develop business.

XGRIDS domain innovation is a world leading 3D technology software and hardware integration technology company, which is committed to creating high-precision 3D reconstruction technology. Through the research and development of distributed high-performance computing, edge computing and deep learning technology, it helps to create 3D content rapid generation and application in architecture, digital twins, film and television, entertainment, games, intelligent manufacturing and other fields, and creates a 3D content engine, Build a three-dimensional content creation ecosystem on Alibaba Cloud to become the content base of the digital virtual world.

In computer vision, 3D reconstruction refers to the process of reconstructing 3D information from single-view or multi-view images. For example, by fusing the multi-angle photographic images of a region, the 3D model of the region can be quickly generated through 3D reconstruction services, without the need for 3D modelers to start modeling from scratch. This will greatly improve the efficiency of 3D modeling.

XGRIDS innovative 3D reconstruction display, from city level to small objects

3D reconstruction technology is widely used. In recent years, the application of XR (extended reality technology and applications including VR virtual reality, AR augmented reality and MR hybrid reality), which has aroused heated discussion, requires a large number of 3D models of biology, objects, space and other topics. The 3D map reconstruction under the digital twin city management scene, industrial simulation and robot simulation in the field of digital factory have rich applications.

At the NVIDIA GTC conference in November 2021, XGRIDS became a partner of NVIDIA Omniverse in China with its world-leading 3D reconstruction technology.

Computing requirements of 3D reconstruction scene: elasticity and high performance

The SaaS service provided by XGRIDS's domain innovation is often random, so the demand for GPU computing resources is elastic. During the project, it may be necessary to analyze and calculate tens of thousands of photos through complex algorithms, and then calculate the relevant 3D model. After the project, the demand for resources will fall back. In the face of the sudden increase in business, once the resources are limited and the project work cannot be completed within the specified time limit, the project delivery will be affected; Deploying a large number of GPUs in the traditional IDC room will lead to the lack of flexibility of computing resources, which will be limited by resources at different business stages.

The business attribute of the project system requires that the IT system be more agile, so XGRIDS chooses a container-based architecture for its domain innovation. If the self-built container requires a high degree of professionalism of enterprise technicians, and the construction period is long, it can not meet the demand of business landing.

For the domain innovation of XGRIDS, which is developing at a high speed in the early stage of entrepreneurship, while expanding its business, the traditional self-built hardware room solution is too cumbersome and has a long time cycle. The flexible and agile computing needs are also very consistent with the cloud. In addition, the reconstructed 3D model is an important asset for itself and the enterprise. If it is transferred through mobile hard disk, there will be a greater risk of data leakage. Therefore, XGRIDS chose to base its domain innovation on the cloud at the beginning of its birth.

Cloud native elasticity supports fast 3D reconstruction services

XGRIDS' domain innovation is based on Alibaba Cloud building its own three-dimensional reconstruction cloud platform, using Alibaba container services and NVIDIA A10 GPU-based cloud servers to help XGRIDS build its own cloud simulation resource pool within a week of domain innovation, which greatly saves resource deployment time; At the same time, there is no need for offline hardware investment to reduce deployment and operation and maintenance costs.

With the help of the serverless and containerized elastic computing services of the elastic container instance ECI, there is no need to manage the underlying ECS server, and the business is automatically expanded according to the business flow, to avoid the system failure caused by the sudden increase of traffic and the untimely expansion, as well as the waste caused by a large amount of idle resources at ordinary times.

Alibaba Cloud has the largest GPU cluster in Asia. The cloud elastic scaling service enables XGRIDS to quickly pop up massive computing resource support projects during the peak period of the project, to ensure that the temporary sudden increase of business can be rapidly expanded, to make computing more efficient and scheduling more flexible, and to help customers in the start-up period to rapidly develop business.

XGRIDS business architecture

It is believed that under the joint cooperation of 3D reconstruction enterprises such as XGRIDS' domain innovation and computing infrastructure providers such as NVIDIA and Alibaba Cloud, the digital twin application will develop more vigorously and help the digital transformation of urban management, smart agriculture, digital factories and other industries.

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