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In recent years, with the rapid development of cloud technology, it has become a major trend for enterprises to use cloud. According to the data disclosed by the China Academy of Information and Communications, the scale of China's cloud computing market will reach 310.2 billion yuan in 2021, with a growth rate of 48.4%. China's public cloud market will maintain a high-speed growth trend. Not only traditional enterprises, but in the information age, the cloud on software has gradually become necessary and important.

From the perspective of technology development, enterprise software hopes to accelerate its business innovation through cloud computing technology. In the traditional mode, the use process of software products is often more complex. After the cloud is launched, it can not only achieve one-click deployment on the cloud, but also ensure the automatic expansion and contraction of database clusters through the cloud's extreme flexibility. At the same time, the security audit provided by cloud manufacturers can also improve the transparency of operation and maintenance, and resource billing can help users achieve better cost management.

Recently, Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest and database solution provider Taosi Data have reached a cooperation. The cloud native time series database TDengine has officially launched Alibaba Cloud. The two sides will jointly explore a new form of software privatization deployment in the cloud, and provide more simple, extremely flexible, low-cost operation and maintenance, efficient operation, and security enhancement cloud time series database solutions for industry enterprises such as the Internet of Vehicles, the Internet of Things, and the Industrial Internet.

01 One-click deployment capability of cloud software, recommendation of optimal cluster package

As an open source Time Series Database product, TDengine has been widely used in Internet of Things, industrial Internet, Internet of Vehicles, finance, IT operation and maintenance monitoring and other scenarios. At present, a large number of corporate customers and community users have deployed TDengine in their core business scenarios, including finance, logistics, automobile, e-commerce, smart energy, smart agriculture and other industries, all of which are due to its high-quality performance and cost control.

The more user scenarios, the more complex user needs TDengine faces. From the perspective of cost reduction and efficiency increase, it is increasingly urgent to build a highly reliable, high-performance, out-of-the-box cloud sequential database solution. By opening up to enterprise application service providers to publish private deployment services on their platforms, Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest can provide customers with the ability to deploy cloud software in one click, which also coincides with the requirements of TDengine.

With the rich selection of cloud servers provided by Alibaba Cloud, TDengine combines its own best practices and test results to provide users with three cloud server specifications with the highest cost performance for the data writing and business query requirements of different devices. Enterprises can quickly select the appropriate package according to their own situation to carry out business:

Among them, Alibaba Cloud i3g instance specification family is based on the advanced DPCA architecture, with a single disk IOPS of up to 500000 and a single instance of 3 million IOPS; The single-disk read bandwidth is 3GB/s, and the write bandwidth is 1.9GB/s. The IOPS and throughput of the whole machine have been increased by up to 50%; At the same time, 99.9% of access requests can be guaranteed to maintain the read and write latency level of tens of microseconds.

Relying on Alibaba Cloud i3g instance, the basic version of TDengine cluster can simultaneously support 4 million data points per second read and write requests, the standard version can support 8 million data points per second read and write, and the professional version can support 16 million data points per second read and write. From the aspects of performance release and economic factors, Alibaba Cloud's local SSD i3g instance specification machine is the best choice, which can help users further realize cost reduction and efficiency increase.

In addition to the above three packages, TDengine Alibaba Cloud also supports users to customize and select instance specifications. By setting the number of TDengine data nodes, TDengine high-availability clusters can be built with one click.

Generally speaking, the size of data storage is closely related to the frequency of data reported by the device and the time of data retention. After data compression, TDengine can make the data reach a compression rate of about 10%. Enterprises can choose the disk size according to their needs. The official recommended minimum standard is 1TB SSD.

02 ROS (resource arrangement) helps cluster automatic deployment to achieve minute delivery

To help customers simplify the complexity of cluster deployment, Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest has created ROS (resource orchestration) to realize the automatic deployment of database clusters. By simplifying and serving ROS, even if users do not understand JSON, YAML writing and ROS syntax, and fill in the corresponding configuration parameters and select the corresponding package according to the page guidance, they can successfully complete the deployment and construction.

TDengine is a native distributed database with horizontal expansion capability. After cluster deployment, if users encounter bottlenecks in the use of cluster resources due to the growth of business requirements, the processing capacity can be improved by increasing the number of nodes. With the help of Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest ROS, TDengine will be further strengthened in the automatic deployment and elastic expansion of clusters.

Realize the automatic deployment of database clusters through ROS, and simplify the complexity of cluster deployment

Compared with the privatization deployment cycle based on days and even weeks in the traditional mode, users can deploy TDengine through Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest only by configuring the number of nodes and related parameters. Under normal circumstances, after the configuration is completed, they will enter the deployment state. The whole deployment time is reduced to minutes, which brings great convenience to users.

03 Effectively avoid resource waste and increase security

Through the enabling of Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest, TDengine has realized more efficient automatic deployment and flexible pay-as-you-go mode, and the cost is completely managed transparently. Users can see the complete cost estimate before the cluster is created, and can purchase resources according to the current business needs.

After the cluster is created, Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest also provides a professional billing analysis function. Through the classification of cluster resources' expense information, users can clearly understand the resource consumption between different businesses, so as to carry out more effective cost management.

In addition, for enterprise users, the biggest reason for choosing privatization deployment is to consider data security. In order to make users feel "security", the computing nest provides comprehensive operation logs and screen records, which is convenient for users to conduct security audits and improve the transparency of system operation and maintenance.

TDengine provides rich logs to view user operations and cluster status as needed

With the support of Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest, TDengine helps users to further realize cost control, effectively avoid resource waste, and increase security at all levels. In addition to the privatization deployment service, Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest also supports TDengine to fully host user resources and diversify enterprise services.

04 Conclusion

The recently released TDengine 3.0 has become a cloud native temporal database, which has solved the high-base problem that plagues the development of temporal databases, and supports 1 billion devices to collect data, 100 nodes, and separation of storage and computing. At the same time, it has also created a new streaming computing engine, which can significantly reduce the complexity of the system architecture without integrating Kafka, Redis, Spark, Flink and other software.

It is believed that through strong cooperation with Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest, TDengine will be able to further exert its ultimate performance, better integrate software with the cloud, greatly improve the efficiency and user experience of software services in delivery, deployment and subsequent management, and further improve the way to help users achieve cost reduction and efficiency. At the same time, it can be predicted that the business growth rate of TDengine will also be more significant through the rapid access capability of Alibaba Cloud ecosystem and market channels.

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