Alibaba Cloud Releases Compute Nest Accelerator

At present, the development of China's enterprise service sector is showing a typical large-scale SaaS application trend. Alibaba Cloud launched the "Computing Nest Accelerator" at the 2022 Alibaba Cloud Apsaras Technology Summit to further strengthen its support for innovative enterprises in the field of enterprise services.

For all enterprises selected for the Computing Nest Accelerator, Alibaba Cloud will provide one-to-one support from specialized technical experts to help ISV partners obtain technical capability support consistent with Alibaba Cloud products, so that the end user's experience of using products provided by ISV partners is consistent with that of using Alibaba Cloud products; At the same time, it provides a green channel for nailing and cloud market, provides industry customer docking, and realizes business acceleration.

In Alibaba Cloud's view, cloud computing, as a new generation of computing power carrier, has also become a consensus. It is difficult to obtain customers' recognition in the era of industrial Internet for the cloud that lacks the enterprise application ecosystem and the enterprise application that does not make good use of the cloud. Back to the basics, the emergence of enterprise service software is related to various management needs in the development of the industry. With the improvement of the requirements of managers in different industries in China for digital management, and the promotion of informatization, digitalization and intelligent construction in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, the digitalization of the cloud service industry will become more and more smooth.

01 Redefining enterprise services with 6S standards

Alibaba Cloud launched its computing nest service for the first time in May 2021. It provides specialized product capabilities according to enterprise service scenarios. It also opens up its 13-year-old Apsara technology base and its own PaaS experience, so that ISVs can better build enterprise services based on cloud native capabilities. So far, hundreds of ISVs from all walks of life have settled in the computing nest, covering big data, enterprise management, industrial simulation platform and other fields. Among them, there are leaders from all walks of life, such as PingCAP, Dameng, Shenshi Technology, Panyun Technology, etc.

He Chuan, the head of the computing nest product, said that the original intention of building the computing nest platform was closely related to Alibaba Cloud's deep involvement in the enterprise service field.

"In the actual service digital transformation industry demand with partners, we found that the two forms of" privatization deployment "and" SaaS hosting service "in the domestic enterprise service market will coexist for a long time." This means that software manufacturers need to take both forms into account, which will bring great business challenges and operating costs There are challenges in business operation. However, SaaS software will inevitably provide a private deployment version when facing medium and large customers. How to reduce the cost of service delivery and ensure the quality of service? This is difficult.

Digital Cloud Kirin CRM has won the favor of many leading brand customers in the field of e-commerce. They provide two versions: pure SaaS version and private deployment. Because the delivery cycle of a single privatization deployment project is relatively long, most of the time is spent on communication with customers, manual deployment, and environmental monitoring and testing. For this reason, a considerable scale of delivery team has been configured.

Through cooperation with the Computing Nest, the automated delivery capability of the Computing Nest perfectly helps Digital Cloud to solve the efficiency problems in cloud resource procurement and system deployment during customer delivery; The generation operation and maintenance capability of the computing nest also makes troubleshooting more rapid and greatly reduces the repair time.

"Service delivery is only one of the links of enterprise services. All enterprise service partners are constantly pursuing the standardization of products and services to break the bottleneck of business development," He Chuan added.

Pan Cloud Technology is a software manufacturer focusing on enterprise computing resource planning and management. Pan-cloud technology, which has been deeply involved in the industry for many years, has also been exploring the flexibility of cloud computing to meet the sudden simulation power needs of enterprises. However, traditional software cannot be flexibly exported in the form of service. Through the computing nest, Pan Cloud Technology has built a SaaS simulation cloud for every enterprise customer in 10 minutes. Therefore, Pan Cloud Technology is excited to summarize its own and computing nest solution into five words: "fast, flexible, dense, intelligent and cheap".

"In the process of long-term cooperation with enterprise service partners, we also found that the pain points faced by ISV partners in business development lie not only in the business level, but also in the technical level," He Chuan said. At the same time, they saw the common features of some excellent enterprise services and summarized them into six S: products meet users' requirements in terms of stability and security, have the ability of scale and multi-channel sales, and constantly iterate user experience and upgrade product value in terms of service and intelligence, and finally achieve leapfrog development.

This also inspired the computing nest to be more clear about what it needs to do - that is, to provide the best practices of these six elements to its partners in a product way. With the convenience and openness of cloud computing, any partner can quickly acquire these capabilities.

02 Special accelerator for enterprise service track, all-round resource acceleration

But to do this, the computing nest team needs to leverage more resources inside and outside Alibaba Cloud. They found the Alibaba Cloud Accelerator team.

Alibaba Cloud Accelerator is affiliated to Alibaba Cloud Innovation Center, a specialized organization focusing on the acceleration of hard-core technology innovation enterprises. It aims to transform Alibaba Cloud technology, products and business productivity into a valuable driving force for enterprise development. It has focused on incubating and accelerating more than 600 high-growth enterprises representing advanced productivity. Among them, 67% obtained a new round of financing through AliCloud Accelerator Link Investment, and 70% went to market and expanded business through AliCloud. The total value of the enterprise exceeded 150 billion yuan, with a maximum increase of 50 times.

Li Zhongyu, general manager of Alibaba Cloud Innovation Center, has been paying close attention to the enterprise service innovation ecosystem on the cloud in recent years. According to his observation, the cloud platform must be the best way for many manufacturers to access the market and integrate technologies. In the era of large-scale production of typical SaaS applications, the computing nest platform can help improve the specialization, collaboration and integration of application software, help promote more enterprise service providers to enter the cloud native and intelligent stage more quickly, make China's various types of as a service more diversified, and also better release their professional product value in all walks of life. Therefore, he quickly facilitated this cooperation. The two teams jointly launched the special accelerator for the enterprise service racetrack - the Computational Nest Accelerator, which fully opened up the cooperation resources such as technology, business, marketing, innovation and investment.

In this special accelerator, Compute Nest will become the core technology capability output platform to help partners obtain the technical capability support consistent with Alibaba Cloud products, so that end users can use the products provided by ISV partners and the experience of using Alibaba Cloud products are consistent; Let all ISV partners complete product and solution integration with Alibaba Cloud at zero threshold, and provide richer software solutions for enterprise users.

The Cloud Market and Nail Open Platform is an enterprise application aggregation platform connecting 4 million users and 21 million enterprises and organizations of Alibaba Cloud. They will provide industry customer docking services, not only providing platform capabilities for product selection, service landing, and transaction integration, but also helping ISVs quickly integrate into the Alibaba Cloud ecosystem. Partners who have settled in the Compute Nest Accelerator will be able to enjoy the policy support they provide, such as test coupons, green channel on the shelf, exclusive operation positions and commission reduction.

In addition, Alibaba Cloud's front-line architect team will use the standards of technical partners to request itself, according to the characteristics of rapid iterative development of innovative enterprises in the field of enterprise services, to make timely and professional technical service response, and to accompany the growth of innovative customers.

"We believe that through a series of integration and co-creation, we will produce good acceleration results. Alibaba Cloud Accelerator will fully integrate the rich resources of Alibaba Cloud's market position, and jointly publish best practice cooperation cases, a list of new and cutting-edge enterprises worthy of attention in the subdivision of the track with external partners, and share the acceleration results worthy of common and sustained attention of the industry from the perspective of Alibaba Cloud," said Li Zhongyu.

03 Build an open enterprise service application ecosystem, born and grown in the cloud together

Looking back at Alibaba Cloud's strategy in the past three years, it is not difficult to see that a more open cloud is taking shape.

In 2019, Alibaba Cloud proposed the "integrated" strategy, introducing more partners to integrate its own solutions with Alibaba Cloud. In 2021, Alibaba Cloud proposed the "cloud nail integration" strategy to promote "PC+Windows" in the cloud digital era. This year, Alibaba Cloud's strategy is to "Back to Basic", return to the essence of cloud computing and take the path of high-quality development. Nails also adhere to PaaS, providing cloud platform capabilities to application ecosystem partners and their customers more easily and conveniently. At the same time, the Alibaba Cloud partner system has been upgraded, and the "stick to partner priority" has been strengthened. The focus of this series of strategies will fully create new cooperation opportunities with ISV partners.

"From Internet companies to enterprise customers to ISV partners, we can see that cloud computing is becoming more and more mature and popular. Alibaba Cloud has witnessed the complete development of cloud computing in China. In the era of XaaS, Alibaba Cloud, as the largest as a service company in China, has accumulated 13 years of service experience in opening up to the outside world, which is our attitude of" being integrated ". Computing Nest is not only an integrated platform for ISV partners It is also the interface of Alibaba Cloud to open the technical capabilities of Apsara to partners, so that partners can better obtain the technical capabilities of Apsara platform. We will work with partners to create greater value for customers, which is our original intention and will always adhere to. " Zhang Xiantao, a researcher of Alibaba Group and head of elastic computing product line, one of the co-sponsors of "Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest Accelerator", said.

The "Computing Nest Accelerator" project has also been supported by many front-line investment institutions.

Dachen Financial Intelligence has been deeply engaged in the field of enterprise services for a long time, and has arranged more than 60 high-quality projects ranging from CRM, SCM, finance and tax SaaS to digital solutions in construction, industry, retail, education, finance and other industries. Dou Yong, its partner and general manager of the East China Headquarters, said, "Under the general trend of digitalization and informatization, we are firmly optimistic about the significant effect of cloud computing in the future in reducing costs and increasing efficiency and increasing income from open source in various industries."

Chen Hongliang, partner of Yuanjing Capital, said that since its establishment, enterprise service has been the focus of Yuanjing Capital, and has invested in nearly 100 related projects, covering basic software, database, network security and various industrial applications. "We believe that in the trend of cloud origin, whether in the basic layer, application layer or the solution generated by combining the needs of various industries, whether in the process of enterprise research and development, management, service or industry expansion, a large number of digital connectivity opportunities will emerge, driving innovation in the field of Chinese enterprise services. Yuanjing is willing to work with ecological partners and entrepreneurial partners to find 'building new connections' in the evolution of the cloud industry opportunity. “

"The essence of cloud computing is technology and openness. In the field of enterprise services, the cloud needs to be more open and become an efficiency multiplier for partner development through technical means.

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