Redis performance test verification based on Aliyun Yitian instance

Compared with x86-based ECS instances of the same specification, Redis can achieve a throughput performance advantage of up to 36% when deployed on Yitian 710-based ECS. The price of the G8y instance based on Yitian 710 is 20% lower than that of the G7 instance.

Introduction to comparative test

Redis is an open source memory data storage, which is usually used as a database, cache system and message broker. It is widely used in real-time application industries such as medical and health systems, the Internet of Things and financial services. Redis is highly scalable and can be used for real-time analysis, caching, publish/subscribe applications and session management.

In this paper, we compare the throughput test of Redis on Alibaba Cloud ECS G8y instance (Armv9 based Yitian 710 processor) and G7 instance (x86 based processor) to show the performance advantages of Yitian 710.

Benchmark setup and results

We use Memtier as a load generator and performance benchmark tool. It is an open source high-throughput benchmark tool built by Redis Labs for Redis. Memtier is deployed on a separate ECS instance.

For Redis server, we deploy a Redis process on each core of the instance, which constitutes the Redis multi-process scenario.

The configurations of the two tested ECS instance types are as follows. The benchmark client uses a separate G8y.8xlarge instance.

We use eight Memtier clients to generate requests for eight Redis processes at the same time. Each Memtier client creates eight threads, and each thread has 10 concurrent connections. For each Memtier client, it is equivalent to 80 concurrent connections. Pipeline is set to 1, 50 and 100 respectively. When the pipeline is greater than 1, it can be used for batch data transmission to increase the throughput of the application.

After enabling XPS (Transmit Packet Steering), RPS (Receive Packet Steering) and RFS (Receive Flow Steering) on G8y and G7, the performance of these two instances has been improved. Compared with ECS instances based on x86 of the same specification, the throughput performance of Redis database is up to 36%. The results shown in the following table are the summary results of 30 consecutive test runs.

Redis performance data on G8y and G7 instances.

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