The product system of visual computing ecology has become a common demand

In the past few years, with the increasing international competitiveness of Chinese enterprises and the continuous development of China's Internet industry, especially driven by business model innovation in the fields of gaming, pan-entertainment and financial technology, more and more enterprises have set out to seek new business growth points. Alibaba Cloud, as the world's leading cloud computing service provider, relies on Alibaba Cloud International's cloud service capabilities and accumulated rich experience in sailing, and works with Chinese partner enterprises to bring new technologies and successful experiences of China's digital transformation to the world.

On August 30, 2022, the Alibaba Cloud International Sailing Summit hosted by Alibaba Cloud was held in Shenzhen. Dozens of experts with rich experience in the field of sailing were invited to discuss the opportunities for Chinese enterprises to go to sea. Pingxing Cloud, as a service provider for the infrastructure products of the universe, was invited to attend the meeting, At the game entertainment sub-forum, Dr. Li Yan, CEO of Parallel Cloud, delivered the keynote speech of "Parallel Cloud, Opening the Passage to the Meta Universe", and gathered with industry experts and practitioners in cross-border and offshore fields to jointly discuss how to make Chinese enterprises' goods and services smoothly enter the target overseas markets and achieve rapid growth.

01 Parallel cloud, opening the channel to the metauniverse

In the post-epidemic era, the development of game entertainment and the innovation of MetaUniverse have ushered in opportunities for development. The overall trend of the market and the driving force for growth have become clearer. The global pattern of entertainment, e-commerce, games and media industries is being reshaped. The consumption model may be greatly changed. MetaUniverse may set off a new round of digital wave. The game entertainment sub-forum interprets how to build the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises at sea from three aspects of mutual entertainment, cross-border e-commerce and ecological partner services.

Parallel Cloud, as a representative enterprise of the enabling industry partners of the Meta Universe Track, is led by Li Yan, the founder and CEO, to promote the industrial innovation of XR cloud transformation and enable the large-scale development of next-generation digital content with real-time cloud rendering technology. Expand the application of cloud XR technology in education and teaching, digital twins, medical medicine, BIM, digital people and other sub-fields, and build the infrastructure of the metauniverse.

Li Yan, CEO of Parallel Cloud, introduced in the sharing of "Parallel Cloud, Opening the Path to the Meta Universe", "The Meta Universe is a virtual world parallel to the real world, and a new generation of Internet. XR, with the characteristics of true 3D, interactive, and immersive, is the ultimate digital media form to build the Meta Universe." In the office, social, shopping, games, education, payment and other scenarios, model innovation and subversion are being carried out. The universe is a new generation of Internet, which has become a consensus. "CloudXR is the only way to break the tight coupling between XR terminal equipment and XR content and realize online access of any platform and any terminal, thus opening the channel to the metauniverse."

Parallel Cloud is the international leading concept advocate and technology pioneer of CloudXR, and is committed to providing low-code, out-of-the-box, and efficient deployment of Cloud XR PaaS platform products for industry partners and developers.

Lark XR Cloud Rendering Scheme Architecture

At present, the application scenarios and landing cases of the cloud rendering solution Lark XR, including virtual simulation in education and training, digital twins, hyper-realistic digital people, virtual concerts, VR/AR art exhibitions, virtual live broadcasting, 3D visual marketing (XR stores), meta-space activities, game entertainment, etc., have served Tsinghua University, Boneng, digital hail, digital lifelike, Bizhen technology, Shahe technology, small K live broadcasting, Tatame, VSWORK CReal and other industry partners.

Figure: Parallel Yunfeng Exhibition Platform

02 The "Alibaba Cloud XR Platform" created by Alibaba Cloud and Parallel Cloud was released

Metauniverse applications will use more interactive devices, such as 3D real-time interaction, gesture interaction, voice interaction, etc; These interaction modes all mean that more interaction channels, more powerful computing power, and larger and low-latency bandwidth are needed; The more portable terminal equipment can access the meta-space anytime and anywhere to interact, reduce the threshold of use and expand the scale of landing, which is the premise for the popularization and commercialization of the meta-space.

The core features of Web3.0 are decentralization, strong initiative and multi-dimensional, which is a new era of personalization. At the same time, the future best-selling of Web3.0 will be seamlessly used on any device, and truly establish a "ubiquitous network". In addition, it also needs a business ecosystem that can drive the organic operation of the industry, and this ecosystem is far more complex than any previous IT ecosystem. Summarize the challenges brought by the metauniverse: the need for stronger computing power, stronger communication capacity and a more efficient and open ecosystem.

Based on the industrial trend and ecological prosperity, a product system based on visual computing ecology has become a common demand to solve the common technical problems of the industry through software.

The cloud XR platform is a real-time rendering platform for enterprise 3D application hosting and publishing jointly built by Alibaba Cloud and parallel cloud. It provides full-process technical services to support the rapid landing of XR application immersive experience scenarios. In addition to supporting flat terminal devices, the platform can also support AR/VR/MR devices to achieve a more immersive, interactive and true 3D user experience. Users can deploy their 3D applications on the cloud XR platform for publishing, and support the popular 3D engines and almost all XR terminals on the market.

At present, instances based on A10 and RTX6000 have been released. These instances include NVIDIA GRID License authorization, which is very easy to use. A10 and RTX6000 are GPUs that include TensorCore, RT-Core and codec hard encoders. They can provide good DLSS HD, AI capture, AI drive, etc., and support fast streaming. At the same time, A10 and RTX6000 are installed on Alibaba Cloud's Dragon architecture, so network IO has been further accelerated. It is recommended to use on-demand bandwidth with different resolution and frame rate. The platform supports plane terminal and VR/AR terminal.

At present, this platform has been verified and implemented in various segments of the XR industry to help the XR industry achieve content accuracy improvement and extensive terminal use. Common application scenarios are divided into consumer-end market business and enterprise-end business; Consumer business is our common XR games, e-commerce, virtual performances, digital people, virtual live broadcasting, 3D visual marketing, etc; Enterprise business, including education virtual simulation, digital twins, virtual exhibition hall and metauniverse activities.

03 Consolidate the visual computing ecological product system, and innovate for the game entertainment and metauniverse in the post-epidemic era

With the global economic integration and the business growth and expansion opportunities in the post-epidemic era, after years of technological precipitation and accumulation of market competitiveness, more and more enterprises have begun to explore overseas markets, especially the sea of game entertainment and the innovative attempt of the metauniverse industry. The development of technology has brought new opportunities to the sea and solved some obstacles that had been put in front of the sea going enterprises, but the rapidly changing international environment has also brought many new challenges to Chinese enterprises exploring overseas markets.

Strengthen the infrastructure construction of the metauniverse, Cloud XR opens the channel to the metauniverse, the strategic cooperation and platform product integration between parallel cloud and Alibaba Cloud, and the cloud-based XR platform provides the underlying resources and development tools, enabling XR industry partners to focus more on creating production content and building commercial scenarios. More comprehensive support for the innovative upgrading of the game entertainment of the Chinese Yuan Universe Sailing Enterprises, which will help to seize the opportunities of the overseas market and meet the challenges brought by the changing international environment.

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