8th generation ECS instances based on 4th generation Intel Xeon

Rich hardware acceleration capability and comprehensive security protection are the two major features of ECS g8i instance.

Recently, Alibaba Cloud announced that it will launch a new generation of enterprise-class elastic computing instance specification family ECS g8i. This computing instance adopts the technical architecture of CIPU+Feitian, and carries the latest fourth generation of Intel ® xeon ® Scalable processor (code name Sapphire Rapids, SPR), full-core Remax p0n reaches 3.2GHz, and the performance is improved by more than 60% compared with the previous generation of instances; The network bandwidth is upgraded to 2 x 100G, increasing by 100%, and the standard configuration is Alibaba Cloud's self-developed eRDMA large-scale acceleration capability; Fully equipped with NVMe and supporting shared disks; It supports trusted computing and encrypted computing.

Alibaba Cloud's advanced product experts in elastic computing said that ECS g8i instances will provide high-quality and efficient computing services for customers in industries such as games, live video, e-commerce, finance, medical care, and enterprise services to meet their growing performance needs in application scenarios such as in-depth learning, AI reasoning training, and big data.

Rich hardware acceleration capability and comprehensive security protection are the two major features of ECS g8i instance. In terms of computing power, the eighth generation of ECS instance g8i uses the fourth generation of Intel ® xeon ® On the basis of the improvement of single-core universal computing power, the scalable processor provides a variety of hardware native acceleration capabilities. In the field of AI, the performance of in-depth learning and training scenarios has been improved by more than 2 times, the reasoning performance has been improved by 4 times, and the performance of encryption and decryption, compression/decompression and other scenarios has been improved by more than 4 times. Under the unified technical architecture, better scenario-based performance scalability has been achieved, providing customers with ultra-high cost performance.

As more and more large enterprises migrate to the cloud, infrastructure security and data security also continue to receive attention. The ECS g8i instance is fully equipped with the security chip TPM as the trusted root of the hardware to realize the trusted start of the server and ensure zero tampering; At the virtualization level, it supports the virtual trust capability vTPM and provides the verification capability of the core components of the instance startup process; On the basis of instance trust, it is necessary to cooperate with Intel hardware TEE capability and memory encryption TME (Intel ® Total Memory Encryption) technology, as well as Alibaba Cloud's self-developed encryption computing isolation ring enclave and ECS g8i instance, further realize the availability and invisibility of data, providing higher security level data protection capability and cloud trusted operation environment for large-scale Internet, new finance, healthcare, intellectual property and other business scenarios.

Among them, the memory encryption TME technology is the unique new security encryption technology for the new generation of ECS g8i instances. With the support of this technology, ECS g8i instances are encrypted in full memory by default, which strengthens the anti-physical attack ability of in-memory data, and further improves the security level of data on the cloud. Users can enjoy a higher level of security protection without making any changes to the operating system or applications.

In addition to the improvement of computing power and security capabilities, the network and storage I/O of Alibaba Cloud ECS g8i instances have achieved significant evolution. In terms of storage, the IOPS is up to 1 million, which is fully compatible with NVMe cloud disks, with storage latency as low as 100 microseconds, and supports shared disks; In terms of network performance, the physical network is upgraded to 2 * 100G super bandwidth, and the PPS of ECS g8i instance is up to 30 million. At the same time, it is upgraded to the eRDMA network architecture. It has the industry's first large-scale elastic RDMA acceleration capability, and the network delay is at least 8 microseconds, bringing further performance leap for common applications such as databases, AI, big data, etc.

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