Alibaba Cloud Elastic Computing Product Monthly

1、 Monthly selection

Open test invitation for the eighth generation cloud server g8i instance specification family

The g8i is a new generation of enterprise-class elastic computing instance specification family launched by Alibaba Cloud. It adopts the technical architecture of CIPU+Feitian, and cooperates with the latest fourth generation of Intel Xeon scalable processor. The overall computing power performance is improved by more than 60% compared with the previous generation of g7 instances; The network bandwidth is upgraded to 2 x 100G, supporting RDMA large-scale acceleration capability, and supporting features such as trusted computing and encrypted computing. The unique hardware accelerator of the g8i instance will provide high-quality and efficient computing services for users in industries such as games, live video, e-commerce, finance, medical care, and enterprise services.

2、 New product recommendation

New generation network enhanced instance specification family g7nex/c7nex open test invitation

With Intel Xeon Platinum 8369B (Ice Lake) processor, the full-core core core can reach 3.5GHz; Based on the new generation of CIPU architecture, the network performance, computing and storage stability have been improved by order of magnitude through chip fast path acceleration. It supports two specification families of generic instance g7nex (the ratio of processor to memory is 1:4) and computational instance c7nex (the ratio of processor to memory is 1:2), which are effectively applied to network-intensive scenarios such as NFV/SD-WAN, mobile Internet, video screen, and telecom service forwarding.

3、 Function update

1. Virtual machine supports database expansion function online

After using virtual machine to build a website, if the pre-installed database space of the host cannot meet the current business needs, users can purchase additional database space to ensure that the website access is not affected. All cloud virtual machines on sale support the purchase of additional database space. Learn more>>

2. The image NVMe constraint upgrade supports users to change NVMe properties on the image details page

If the NVMe attribute of the image is supported, it means that the ECS instance created by the image contains the NVMe driver. When you create a custom image based on an ECS instance with NVMe driver manually installed, you need to set the NVMe attribute of the custom image to support on the image details page, so that the ECS instance with NVMe driver created through the custom image can start normally.

3. Importing and creating images support image detection to help users quickly find image problems

When you import and create an image, you can check Create to perform image detection. After a custom image is generated, image detection will be performed automatically to help users quickly find problems in the image and provide solutions for users in combination with image construction. The image detection service is currently free.

4. The elastic supply group supports the specified instance size (not the specific instance specification family) to deliver resources and improve the delivery success rate

The flexible supply group supports users to specify only the CPU and memory size of the required instance, and automatically select the ECS instance specification family that meets the user's price for delivery. It can not only improve the efficiency of resource delivery and delivery flexibility, but also select the instance specification with lower overall price for delivery for SPOT instances that are sensitive to price fluctuations, further reducing the use cost.

5. The cloud assistant supports the expansion of the hosted instance size by 50 times

Users can register non-Alibaba Cloud servers as Alibaba Cloud managed instances. After registration, this server can use a variety of online services provided by Alibaba Cloud (such as cloud assistant, operation and maintenance choreography, cloud efficiency, etc.). In an Alibaba Cloud region, the number of managed instances supported by Cloud Assistant has been adjusted from 100 to 5000, which improves the scale of managed instances and can well meet the demands of large enterprise customers.

6. The cloud assistant supports the managed instance function of the private cloud

Managed instance function is a free online service provided by Cloud Assistant. Users can host their own physical machines, virtual machines, and servers on other clouds to Alibaba Cloud Assistant, and use a unified set of APIs to automate the operation and maintenance of all machines. The managed instance function of the private cloud can help users uniformly manage and operate their own naked and private virtual machines in the private cloud.

4、 Best Practices

Alibaba Cloud Life Sciences Industry Best Practices

Starting from the current situation of the life science industry, combined with Alibaba Cloud's product advantages in computing power, flexibility, operation and maintenance, it provides a variety of solutions such as public cloud, hybrid cloud, large memory, and containerization to meet users' needs in drug research and development, gene sequencing, and bioinformatics applications. High-performance computing on the cloud accelerates the development of life science.

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