Computing Nest software free trial center officially launched

The computing nest service is a PaaS platform that Alibaba Cloud opens to enterprise application service providers and their customers. Software service providers can publish private deployment services on Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest to provide their customers with the ability to deploy cloud software in one click; At the same time, it also supports the service of full hosting mode, enabling software service providers to host their customer resources.

Compute Nest actively helps software service providers to build 6S-level enterprise services, help software delivery efficiency increase by 10 times, and realize low-cost large-scale delivery; Help software service providers and customers build a secure cloud internet by building a unified intranet; At the same time, active operation and maintenance mode is provided to ensure the stability of software operation.

At present, more and more enterprises are starting to go to the cloud, including the cloudization of enterprise software, hoping to accelerate business innovation through cloud computing technology. However, currently, enterprises often encounter the following three problems when conducting software trials on the cloud:

1. The deployment process is complicated: the deployment of traditional software cannot be the same as that of SaaS services. You only need to open an account to use it.

2. The efficiency of the trial review process is low: the trial application process covers such links as submission of application, voucher issuance, docking between the two parties, business verification and submission, and financial approval. Each link requires manual follow-up and docking. The whole process will take several weeks, making the user's trial period longer.

3. The voucher model lacks universality and accuracy: during the trial period of cloud software, enterprises will be involved in the cost of cloud resources required for the deployment environment. The traditional solution is to provide vouchers to cover the cloud resource coverage during the trial period. The voucher issued by the software service provider cannot be completely accurate. If the voucher cannot cover the entire trial period, it will affect the user's trial experience.

The free trial center of Compute Nest software released this time can well solve the pain points of lengthy traditional software trial process and high trial and error costs, and provide a fast, out-of-the-box new experience of cloud applications. In the free trial center of Compute Nest software, users can directly find the software to be tried, click on the free trial and submit the application to enter the review process. After passing the review, users can directly try the software, saving weeks of approval and docking time, and greatly improving the trial experience.

As one of the first service providers to open a free trial, NebulaGraph helps customers quickly build a set of cloud graph database clusters through Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest service. Qiao Lei, cloud native R&D engineer of NebulaGraph, spoke highly of the value of the free trial center of computing nest software to cloud customers, He said: "Now, a large number of users have further learned and tried the details of NebulaGraph function through the free trial center of the computing nest software. Users can create a graph database instance in five minutes through the computing nest. The whole trial process is pleasant and smooth for us and users, and the trial efficiency has been greatly improved."

At present, hundreds of ISV partners have settled in the computing nest and will continue to support free trial of software. Computing Nest will continue to explore with ISV partners in various fields, taking the free trial center as the entry point, provide users with simpler, safer and more stable cloud native applications, provide users with greater value, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprise digitalization.

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