Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest Accelerates Avaya Application Cloud Deployment

On December 21, at the Alibaba Cloud Elastic Computing Annual Summit, Li Nong, Chief Technology Officer of Avaya in Greater China, delivered a speech with the theme "Simplicity and Efficiency - Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest Accelerating Avaya Application Cloud Deployment", sharing the convenience and brand new experience that the computing nest service has brought to Avaya's application cloud deployment.

Many people may not be familiar with Avaya, but in fact, Avaya's shadow is everywhere on the street. The landmark building in Beijing, China Tower, all uses Avaya's latest Android based intelligent planar terminals; Beijing Daxing New Airport and China Eastern Airlines Base all adopt Avaya enterprise communication platform; Disney in Shanghai, Universal Studios in Beijing and Chimelong Park in Zhuhai, Guangzhou also use Avaya's corporate communication or call center platform; As well as the Fosun Group where today's guest speaker, Mr. He Kaiduo, is located, Avaya's communication system has also been widely adopted.

Avaya is primarily a product that provides customers with secure, stable, and reliable enterprise communications or contact centers. Of course, we also encountered a challenge in this process. That is, due to the richness of product components, the installation and implementation cycle is long. This complexity and the long deployment and implementation cycle have a significant impact on customer costs.

Since two years ago, Avaya has made great strides and made a global strategic move towards the cloud. During this process, Avaya has made many attempts to provide better services to domestic customers who are privatizing on public clouds, such as connecting and integrating intelligent services using the voice service TTS/ASR of the Dharma Academy and Cloud. For example, we have achieved interoperability with nails. Today, if users of nails use the Avaya system, Avaya and nails can be interconnected, so that the number of external calls using nails can be the number of the company they belong to, rather than being displayed as a courier or harassment phone; In addition, the Avaya conference system has also been successfully launched in the Alibaba Cloud market, becoming the privatization solution for Alibaba Cloud video conferencing.

At the same time, we are also thinking about what Avaya should do next in order to provide Avaya's customers with a better experience and more convenient access to the cloud? Fortunately, a few months ago, we met the Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest, which ushered us into a new world. Today, Avaya's customers only need to do four steps to privatize their deployment on the cloud:

The first step is to install the system in Alibaba Cloud, export it into a customized image file, and use the tools of Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest to fully play its role.

Step 2: Log in to the Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest console to create a service.

Step 3: Define the service through the Resource Editor (ROS) and submit it for review.

Step 4: After the review is completed, you can go online to the cloud market or publish services through deployment links.

This is what we are doing today, putting the entire deployment process of dozens or hundreds of partners working hard day and night to install on the Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest platform. When a customer of Avaya wants to migrate from the originally locally deployed Avaya to the Alibaba Cloud platform for private deployment, they only need three steps to deploy the new platform:

The first step is to create a service through the service deployment link provided by Avaya.

Step 2: Enter parameters and create all resources with one click, such as enterprise name, IP address, and various module selections and settings.

Third, service creation status and management services.

As long as Avaya customers have information such as IP addresses and enterprise names, they can complete their own enterprise system installation by using images deployed by Avaya professional engineers on Alibaba Cloud computing nests. This process is really amazing, so I didn't believe it at first.

In fact, the combination of Avaya and Compute Nest took a very short time. It was probably July 21, when personnel from both sides met for the first time at an Alibaba Cloud marketing event, but everyone felt that it was too late to meet; Subsequently, with the support of the Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest team, our technical personnel quickly deployed many modules of the Avaya enterprise communication infrastructure platform on the computing nest. From then on, Avaya can provide new services for Avaya cloud customers to privatize their deployment on the public cloud in a new way.

As a young company with a century-old communication gene, Avaya went from the earliest Bell Laboratories, AT&T, and Lucent to Avaya's acquisition of Nortel and Radvision, the head company of global video conferencing, until it was listed again on the New York Stock Exchange in 2018. Along the way, we thank 130000 customers in 190 countries worldwide, and thank Chinese customers and partners for their support to Avaya over the past 20 years.

We hope that in the new year, we can combine the communication gene with Alibaba Cloud, create greater value for Avaya enterprise communication and contact center customers through Alibaba Cloud's computing nest service, and make it simpler, more convenient, safer, and more reliable for customers to choose Avaya to move to the cloud.

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