CloudXR Opens the Gateway to the Metaverse

On May 11, at the "2022 Alibaba Cloud Visual Computing Private Sharing Conference", Li Yan, CEO of Parallel Cloud, brought a theme sharing entitled "CloudXR, Opening the Path to the Metauniverse". The following content is based on his speech.

The channel to the metauniverse is connected at both ends, and at one end are devices that access and enter the metauniverse, such as mobile phones, pads, computers, and wearable devices such as VR/AR that are rapidly developing and popularizing; The other end is the metacosmic space built by XR.

Digital people are also known as the entrance of the metauniverse. Whether it is to endow it with beautiful appearance or interesting soul, it needs huge computing power support, especially GPU computing power support. We all hope to interact with the metauniverse with various lightweight devices within reach.

Figure: Parallel Cloud Digital Employee - Judy

The figure above shows Judy, the first digital employee of parallel cloud, and the first AI digital employee who uses parallel cloud XR real-time cloud rendering. She is not only able to provide a detailed introduction to the company, but also has a very good understanding of the entire industry and the entire ecosystem.

In Judy, we have achieved the perfect combination of ultra-realistic and intelligent digital people and light terminal online interaction. This is to unbind the devices that access the metauniverse and the space content that make up the metauniverse, and establish a channel from it. At one end is the increasingly portable terminal device, and at the other end is the cloud with infinite computing power. This is also the essence of CloudXR.

In addition to digital people, there are a large number of scene buildings and objects in the metauniverse, all of which are composed of XR. They also have the same pain points. The amount of data is huge, and the requirements for terminal computing power are very high. CloudXR is the only way to solve this contradiction.

Since the establishment of parallel cloud, it has formed a complete product system, serving more than 20 industry scenarios and more than 400 enterprise-level customers.

A complete CloudXR process, including client instruction upload, cloud computing power allocation, computing rendering, and the capture of the rendered result image, encoding and streaming terminal decoding, and rendering display.

For complex processes, our product matrix includes the following four parts:

① Athena: responsible for the scheduling and distribution of cloud computing power.

② Hermes: responsible for network transmission and optimization, and has done in-depth integration with NVIDIA's CloudXR SDK.

③ Apollo: responsible for the access of mobile phones, pads, PCs, VR, AR and other pan-terminal computing power.

④ Gaea: As the PaaS platform of CloudXR, it provides support and management for the realization of large-scale and commercial use. The PaaS platform can manage scheduling computing power downward, carry various applications upward, and connect terminals. More importantly, it can endow industry partners with the ability of secondary development.

The above four parts constitute a parallel cloud low code/zero code, out-of-the-box, and efficient deployment of the XR cloud solution.

Under the deep cooperation with NVIDIA and Alibaba Cloud, parallel cloud has been implemented in various industries.

We have created a virtual concert of the metauniverse with Bizhen Technology.

A cloud platform for experimental teaching based on cloud vision computing has been jointly built with Tsinghua University, which can put the virtual simulation experiments and virtual reality experimental courses accumulated in the school for many years on a unified experimental teaching cloud platform, and realize the use of any device at any time, any place, and any point of use, so that the virtual simulation experiment can go out of the laboratory and can be used anytime and anywhere.

Together with industrial industry partner Landifeng, we have built an industrial digital twin platform. Many industrial wind tunnels, wind resistance experiments, and data visualization of pressure nephogram can be displayed through XR, and realize the access of mobile phones, pads, VR/AR glasses.

The digital twinning of cities is also the basis for building a virtual world. The tens of billions of models of underground pipe network can be used in actual work and business, not just as a demonstration. These are inseparable from the support of cloud computing power and the support of CloudXR platform.

In addition, human medical data is also a very complex system, with a huge amount of data and extremely valuable data. Together with industry partner Baike Biology, we have created a digital twin platform for human medical data in BKhumen, hoping to provide more people with the opportunity to truly use these precious data through the cloud.

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