Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest x GBase GCDW: Automated Deployment of Cloud Native Data Warehouse

Recently, Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest has cooperated with Tianjin Nanda General Data Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as GBASE) to integrate their technical advantages to help enterprise users realize the automatic deployment of data warehouses on the cloud, make it "easier" for users to obtain data warehouse services on the cloud, and make it "more convenient" for users to use data warehouse services on the cloud, and meet the requirements of enterprise users for efficient, convenient and automated deployment The demand of cloud native data warehouse with high cost performance.

This article will focus on the Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest GBase GCDW cloud native data warehouse, analyze the data warehouse software in the cloud privatization deployment form, and help you understand how to quickly deploy GBase GCDW through Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest.

As an innovative database software enterprise, GBASE focuses on database software products and services. The core software product GBase 8a MPP Cluster is an analytical database, that is, OLAP database product. It is mainly used in data warehouse, data mart, business intelligence, and decision support systems and other scenarios. It has been scaled up in the telecommunications and financial industries, with more than 30000 nodes deployed and more than 200 PB of total data. This product has passed the independent R&D inspection and testing of the "Operation Guide for Open Source Code Distribution Detection" issued by the ICT Academy, and was ranked as TPC-DS in December 2020, achieving the best single accounting power.

This time, the cloud native data warehouse system GBase Cloud Data Warehouse (hereinafter referred to as GCDW), which is a cloud data warehouse product based on GBase 8a MPP Cluster, is settled in Alibaba Cloud computing nest. It adopts a computing and storage separation architecture, and provides services to users in SaaS mode. It has the characteristics of extreme flexibility, out-of-the-box, maintenance-free, second-scale expansion, and physical multi-tenancy, Effectively reduce the complexity of system deployment and customer use costs. In short, GCDW=GBase 8a MPP Cluster+cloud computing.

At present, most domestic enterprise users tend to choose the deployment mode of privatization, and how to realize one-click deployment of database clusters on the cloud has become a new topic. Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest version of GCDW realizes one-click deployment of GCDW data warehouse with the help of Alibaba Cloud ROS (resource orchestration). The creation of service instances and the use of cloud data warehouse system can be completed in 10 minutes, which can be said to improve the deployment efficiency exponentially.

ROS (resource orchestration) is Alibaba Cloud's IaC (Infrastructure as Code) product. GBASE, from the user's point of view, uses ROS (resource orchestration) to develop the functions of automatically acquiring virtual machine resources, automatically building clusters, and automatically deploying the one-click GCDW cloud data warehouse, which greatly reduces the user's deployment threshold.

Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest not only supports ROS syntax, Terraform syntax scripts and container deployment, but also further realizes serviceability on the basis of IaC. What users see is a completely white-screen service creation page. They do not need to learn what IaC is, let alone sense the existence of IaC scripts, which greatly reduces the threshold of database deployment. Users can quickly create a GCDW cloud data warehouse by clicking on the Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest console

On the service creation page, users can select the specifications of the cloud server, the cluster size of the GCDW cloud data warehouse and other parameters, and click to create the service. The deployment service of Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest will automatically call the GCDW deployment template, and automatically create the server cluster according to the resource parameters set by the user. After the cloud server cluster is created, the deployment of the GCDW cloud data warehouse software will also be automatically triggered and completed.

The creation process of a 10-node cluster is completed within 6 minutes

After the GCDW cloud data warehouse service instance is created successfully, users can immediately use the console of the Web interface to log in to the cloud data warehouse system and enjoy the big data analysis and processing capabilities brought by the service.

Database management interface

Data query and analysis interface

Generally, the physical machine privatization deployment data warehouse usually takes weeks from the construction of computer room, hardware procurement, operating system deployment, data warehouse software deployment and debugging, and requires a large amount of infrastructure costs in the early stage.

Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest's GCDW effectively meets the user's need to quickly obtain the privatized deployed GCDW cloud data warehouse system in Alibaba Cloud. Users can complete the whole process from creating service instances to using the cloud data warehouse system in 10 minutes. Compared with the private deployment of physical machines in the data warehouse, the efficiency improvement is exponential. In contrast, the GCDW cloud data warehouse provided by Alibaba Cloud Computing Nest can save time, effort and money to the greatest extent, and allow users to obtain data warehouse services at a lower cost.

As a cloud-integrated PaaS platform for ISVs, SIs and MSPs (collectively referred to as service providers), Compute Nest facilitates service providers to better integrate products, services and Alibaba Cloud, and improves the efficiency and user experience of software services in delivery, deployment and subsequent management with the help of cloud-based capabilities.

This joint solution with GBASE is the result of the deep integration of Alibaba Cloud's cloud platform capabilities and database software vendors. Through the computing nest, Alibaba Cloud will open the underlying capabilities of the Apsara operating system to GBASE to the maximum extent, so that GCDW can better integrate with the cloud, and jointly provide enterprise users with an efficient, convenient and automated deployment of cloud native data warehouse service experience.

At present, hundreds of ISV partners have settled in the computing nest. In the future, Alibaba Cloud will continue to explore with ISV partners in various fields to provide users with simpler, safer and more stable cloud native applications, provide users with greater value, and accelerate the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

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