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t present, the new film "New Shen Bang: Yang Jian" (hereinafter referred to as "Yang Jian") is being released, and the production level has been upgraded again. Whether it is the "ink and wash special effect Taijitu battle", or the nimble dance of the goddess Wanluo, or the super-burning moment of the Yuanshen's appearance, it is very visually shocking. The total rendering volume of the "big screen antique fantasy visual effect feast" light was up to 360 million nuclear hours, of which 158 million nuclear hours were rendered on Alibaba Cloud, accounting for about 44% of the total time.

Chasing Light Animation is a leading animation film production company in China. It has cooperated with Alibaba Cloud since the first animation film "Little Gate God" in 2015. In the past seven years, it has cooperated with many films such as "New God List: Nezha Rebirth", "White Snake 2: Green Snake Robbed", "Cat and Peach Blossom Land" and so on. "Yang Jian" innovatively reshapes the three fairy islands of Penglai, Fanghu and Yingzhou in the myth, and constructs an unprecedented ancient scenery. The artistic style of the three immortal islands is based on the Qin and Han Dynasties, and combines some characteristics of the Northern and Southern Dynasties. Through many animation production steps from modeling to rendering, the ethereal fairyland is finally created.

"Yang Jian" is the film with the largest rendering volume in the history of light pursuit animation. Compared with previous works such as "White Snake: The Origin" and "White Snake 2: The Green Snake Robbed", the special effect picture of "Yang Jian" is more grand and more detailed, with an average single frame rendering time of 17 hours. Moreover, the difficulty of different sessions is different, and the number of cloud server nodes required for rendering varies dynamically from 0 to 2000. The huge amount of rendering requires far more computing power and storage performance than expected.

The cloud has become a powerful means of rendering and improving the efficiency of Yang Jian. Relying on the agility and flexibility of Alibaba Cloud's high-performance computing E-HPC, the single-instance specification is up to 52 cores of 192G memory, which can rapidly deliver massive computing power; Alibaba Cloud's parallel file storage CPFS supports about 2000 cloud nodes at most, and a single file system can support 100GB/s throughput and 2.6 million IOPS at most, which effectively guarantees the smooth and efficient rendering of Yang Jian in the cloud.

Chase Light Animation said, "The increase of Yang Jian's project assets and special effects put forward higher requirements for cloud rendering. Alibaba Cloud's products have been adjusted in time according to the needs of the project to meet the needs of Yang Jian's project, accounting for a large proportion of the total rendering time, and ensuring the progress of the project in terms of time. Thank you very much for Alibaba Cloud's efficient technical services in cloud rendering."

Alibaba Cloud is the first cloud computing service provider to provide animation rendering services in China. As early as 2011, it entered the rendering industry and has worked hard since then. At present, Alibaba Cloud rendering solutions have been implemented in many domestic head visual effects companies and large rendering farms. Zheng Wen, the solution architect of Alibaba Cloud's intelligent film and television animation industry, said that Alibaba Cloud's overall film and television animation industry solution will not stop. In the future, it will actively explore the further close integration of the film and television industry and cloud in more scenes, and promote the technological evolution of breakpoint continuation, containerization, real-time rendering and other aspects.

He Wanqing, head of Alibaba Cloud intelligent high-performance computing, said that, "The DCC field of digital content creation used to be an era where there were only one or two" Dreamworks "blockbusters every year. Today, it has developed into" Wandering Earth "," White Snake: Origin "and" Yang Jian " In the era of films emerging in various holiday schedules, cloud computing has completely changed the planned economic model of film and television rendering, which is "tailor to your needs" and "live within your means". Alibaba Cloud E-HPC's customized solution for the whole process of film and television rendering is fortunate to be the driving force behind the creation of many excellent Chinese digital content films, bringing about changes in production relations. "

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