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1、 Function release

1. Bind cloud market products to support customized packages

Optimize the function of putting services on the cloud market. When the service provider puts the computing nest service on the cloud market, it supports binding the customized package of the computing nest service with the commodity specifications of the cloud market. The binding operation is consistent with the fixed package operation. For details, please click to put the service on the cloud market.

2. Private deployment services support customized operation and maintenance templates

The computing nest operation and maintenance management function provides the operation and maintenance customization function, that is, the service provider can customize the operation and maintenance template and the operation and maintenance manual page according to the characteristics of its own service when creating the service, so as to facilitate the user to operate the operation and maintenance of the service instance. For details, please click the customized operation and maintenance instructions.

3. Pay-as-you-go cloud market products support data reporting by memory and unit measurement dimensions

After the computing nest service is put on the cloud market and set to pay-as-you-go, the service provider can actively report the data of the service instance through the two measurement dimensions of Memory and Unit, which are used for computing costs in the cloud market. The data reported by the measurement dimension of Unit is defined by the service provider. For details, please click the description of cloud market reporting data of pay-as-you-go service in Compute Nest.

4. Private service instances that fail to deploy support redeployment

Optimize the redeployment function. When the deployment of a service instance fails, the user can click Redeploy, choose to deploy directly or modify the parameters of the service instance to continue deployment. If you choose to modify the service instance parameters, you will automatically jump to the Continue Deployment page. You can modify some parameters and redeploy. For details, click Create Private Deployment Service Instance.

5. The file deployment supports uploading large files exceeding 5G

Computing Nest supports service providers to upload more than 5G of file deployments using Alibaba Cloud CLI command line tools.

In the Create Deployments interface, first click Get Access Credentials to generate the upload command, then adjust the upload command as needed and execute the command in the Alibaba Cloud CLI command line tool to complete the upload of large files. After the upload is completed, fill in the uploaded file name in the Deployments configuration. For details, click Create Deployments.

6. Optimization of cost display on the confirmation page of goods purchased in the cloud market

When users purchase goods bound to the computing nest service in the cloud market, a new confirmation order information page is added. Users can preview the filled parameters, estimated expenses, current account balance and other information on this page.

7. Creating a service supports custom service instance name prefix

The service provider can set the service instance name prefix when creating a service. After setting, when users create a service instance, they will automatically fill in the service instance name input box to simplify the operation of filling in parameters when users create a service instance. Users can also modify the prefixes of the filled service instance names. Reference document link:

Create a private deployment service

Create a fully hosted service

Create agent operation and maintenance service

2、 Best Practices

Best Practice of Cloud Market for Computing Nest Service

After the service is released, the service provider needs to put the service on the cloud market if it wants to sell it through the Alibaba Cloud cloud market. At present, the cloud market supports pay-per-view, pay-per-cycle and pay-as-you-go models. Service providers can choose any one or more payment methods to sell according to the characteristics of their applications. This article will introduce how to configure and launch pay-per-cycle and pay-as-you-go computing nest services to the cloud market with specific cases. Click here to learn more.

3、 Partner Service Update


Gbase is a multi-instance elastic cloud data warehouse independently developed by Nanda General, which is applicable to big data platforms, integrated BI systems, data warehouses and market systems of analysis type. Reference documents:

① Free trial address

② Deployment Document Page

2. Vika Vig table

Based on API-oriented multi-dimensional tables, build your business system in 3 minutes based on API-oriented multi-dimensional tables, and build your business system in 3 minutes, which changes according to the needs. It fully adapts to the needs of different scenarios, and is applicable to: project management, government affairs, CRM, agile development, OKR, HR and other 1000+scenarios. Reference documents:

① Free trial address

② Deployment Document Page


Tapdata is a modern data platform built with low latency data mobility as its core advantage. Typical use cases include database to database replication, data introduction into data warehouse or data lake, and general ETL processing. Reference documents:

① Free trial address

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