Alibaba Cloud won two awards at the 2022 Global Distributed Cloud Conference

On December 21, the "2022 Global Distributed Cloud Conference · Shenzhen Station" was officially held. Alibaba Cloud's elastic computing team won two awards, "Top 3 of China's Computing Power Pioneers in 2022" and "Leading Enterprise in Distributed Computing Power Market in 2022", by virtue of its innovative breakthroughs in computing power and comprehensive distributed cloud product matrix layout.

"Feitian+CIPU" defines the next generation cloud computing architecture

In June of this year, Alibaba Cloud released a dedicated CPU for cloud data centers to replace the CPU to manage and accelerate computing, storage and network resources, realizing the high performance of comprehensive dedicated hardware acceleration, including the ability of high bandwidth, high throughput and elastic RDMA. CIPU is a new architecture, which represents the systematic innovation of cloud computing in the data center.

Based on the new generation of cloud computing architecture system of CIPU and Apsaras, CIPU has downward access to physical computing, storage and network resources to rapidly cloud and accelerate hardware; Access up to the Apsara Cloud operating system and control millions of Alibaba Cloud servers around the world.

With the support of Apsara+CIPU, the instance g8m carrying Alibaba Cloud's self-developed Apsara 710 chip is generally superior to the similar products in the industry in the scenarios of database, big data and AI, high-performance computing, video codec, and the performance can be improved by more than 20%; The newly launched ECS g8i, a new generation of enterprise-class elastic computing instance specification family with the fourth generation Intel Xeon scalable processor, has a maximum performance improvement of more than 60% compared with the previous generation of instances.

Over the past ten years, Apsaras has laid a solid technical foundation for Alibaba Cloud, making the cloud realize its first leap. With the continuous innovation of the new generation of cloud computing architecture CIPU and the self-developed CPU chip Yitian 710, Alibaba Cloud continues to break through the bottleneck of computing power and continue to bring users higher performance, more stable and cost-effective computing power.

Local region+exclusive region+cloud box makes computing power everywhere

Chinese enterprises are facing the era of information, cloud and intelligence. More and more enterprises are pursuing cloud transformation. It is difficult to choose between resource cloud, data localization and infrastructure specialization. The demand for distributed cloud is put forward. In order to meet the needs of enterprises for distributed computing power, Alibaba Cloud has launched a comprehensive product matrix of local regions, exclusive regions and Alibaba Cloud Cloud Box, all of which adopt the same product architecture and use experience as the public cloud. Users can specify the location of cloud use, and customize the types of cloud products to meet the user's demand for scalable panoramic cloud use.

·Local Region

For the sinking market, many enterprises in economically active provinces and regions are more sensitive to delay and network bandwidth costs. Only the central region is not enough. Therefore, Alibaba Cloud has laid out local regions so that the Apsaras operating system can be miniaturized and output. In terms of technical architecture, Alibaba Cloud provides customers with the ability of local low-latency access, data not going out of the province, and access to the nearest cloud for national interconnection. At present, Alibaba Cloud has officially launched local regions in Nanjing and Fuzhou to meet the digital transformation needs of regional enterprises.

·Exclusive region

For some medium and large enterprises, which have strong demands on data compliance and resource exclusivity, Alibaba Cloud has created an exclusive region product that can be deployed in the data center designated by customers, providing three major values for medium and large enterprises: first, the exclusive resources of the exclusive region; Secondly, the construction mode has shifted from the previous heavy asset investment to on-demand use; Finally, the exclusive region provides a wealth of cloud products, which can better support the entire enterprise information transformation, and the scalability of the entire product architecture can also well support the integration of enterprise cloud.

·Alibaba Cloud box

AliCloud Cloud Box, as a localized cloud service for public cloud deployment, integrates the product capabilities of the entire public cloud from the underlying infrastructure to the upper product software, providing users of small and medium-sized enterprises with the same product capabilities and use experience as the public cloud, and meeting customers' needs for local deployment, data processing nearby, and low business latency. In other words, the cloud box can enable customers to bring back a cloud of Alibaba Cloud and deploy it quickly in any place where customers need computing power, which can better help customers achieve digital transformation.

At present, Alibaba Cloud distributed cloud products provide new ideas for IT infrastructure cloudization of localized deployment for customers in industries such as the Internet, manufacturing, non-bank finance, medical health, radio and television, and help industry customers quickly realize digital upgrading. Based on the local region in Nanjing, Beirui Technology, a well-known enterprise in the field of remote office, has reduced the operation delay of users in Jiangsu Province by 30%; Relying on "Alibaba Cloud Box+Weining Health WinCloud Medical System", Foshan Fosun Chancheng Hospital will be transformed into an integrated and internet-based smart medical system in the future.

In the future, Alibaba Cloud will always adhere to the one-cloud multi-modality architecture based on the new cloud computing architecture system of "Feitian+CIPU", provide users with consistent product capabilities from cloud, edge to customer site, create customer-oriented cloud native product solutions that continue to evolve and ensure business continuity, and help customers achieve digital transformation.

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