Three reasons to choose ACR

Since August 2022, the evaluation activities for ACR developers of Alibaba Cloud container image service have continued to be hot. Up to now, this activity has attracted more than 600 developers to participate, and 30 developers who have released high-quality evaluation content have been awarded.

The prosperity of cloud native ecosystem has greatly enriched the diversity of cloud native application products. As an important carrier for carrying cloud native applications, container image is the source of cloud native application life cycle. Therefore, it has played an increasingly important role in enterprise architecture upgrading and developer skills personal upgrading.

Alibaba Cloud ACR (Alibaba Cloud Container Registry) is a secure hosting and efficient distribution platform for cloud native products that meet OCI standards, such as container image and Helm Chart. The product is divided into personal version and enterprise version. The personal version is for free use of container developer quota, and the enterprise version is for enterprise customers with high requirements for security and performance.

This activity is to help more developers understand the functions, usage and product experience of the container image service ACR, so as to better select the container image management solution under different application scenarios. Many developers published their thoughts in the process and the reasons for choosing the Alibaba Cloud container image service ACR.

Compared with Harbor, I choose Alibaba Cloud ACR for three reasons

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In the eyes of many people, Harbor is almost the self-built standard of image warehouse. However, with the continuous development of its capabilities, the complexity of related components also brings great challenges to the capabilities of relevant development, operation and maintenance personnel.

I have participated in the development of community features of Harbor, and have more practical experience in the application of Harbor's production environment. However, after moving to the current company (a small and medium-sized Internet enterprise), we finally chose Alibaba Cloud ACR warehouse. Mainly based on the following points:

1. Cross-border mirror synchronization capability is the most important. ACR is based on Alibaba Cloud's global network capability, which is very suitable for our company's global deployment application scenario. Compared with the self-built cross-border Harbor warehouse, it needs to occupy some additional dedicated bandwidth.

2. Cost savings. Although Harbor is open source, at first glance it must be cheaper than the paid image service of cloud manufacturers, but in fact it is not necessarily. The deployment of Harbor involves many components, and requires a certain amount of labor cost in terms of high availability and reliability; At the same time, the overseas machines used to deploy Harbor in the original plan of the company are also virtual machines on the cloud. In addition to the network, storage and other costs and combined with the labor costs, Harbor actually has no much cost advantage.

3. Maintainability. The Redis and Postgres components of Harbor (you can choose cloud-related services, but the cost advantage is not obvious) need at least one person with relevant technical reserves to maintain. Although Harbor is powerful and reliable, there are still some potential bugs, and there are still risks in production-level applications. In nearly one year after the replacement to ACR, the service is stable enough, there is no functional failure, and there is almost no maintenance cost.

Give ACR a big compliment on its ability in the financial scenario

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In the face of compliance, security and other security requirements, many financial enterprises need to split their businesses into multiple ACK (Kubernetes version of Alibaba Cloud container service) clusters with multiple accounts. At the same time, in the face of business expansion, the problem of cross-account and cross-region deployment of services has followed. Alibaba Cloud ACR provides secure hosting and efficient distribution capabilities for OCI products such as container images and Helm Chart. Its product distribution management function well supports the distribution of different services according to different namespace images, thus completing the version update of application services, and greatly improving the efficiency of operation and maintenance.

First of all, solve the problem of cross-account image synchronization and image distribution through instance synchronization:

Secondly, through synchronization records, we can find that the speed of image synchronization is relatively fast, and the process of image synchronization across regions also depends on Alibaba Cloud's own bandwidth:

Finally, for abnormal problems in the synchronization process, through the Alibaba Cloud ACR service instance management - event notification function, and through the configuration of relevant alarm policies, the exception alarm notification is realized:

Through the above cross-account and cross-region image synchronization and alarm configuration, the tracking and control of the entire image synchronization process has been effectively realized, and the integrity and stability of ACR product functions are highly praised!

Countdown to 7 days: Join the ACR developer evaluation team to win a thousand yuan mechanical keyboard

This activity will continue until September 30, 2022, and the enthusiasm of developers to participate in the evaluation is high (recommended reading: "Developer Evaluation: What is the difference between Alibaba Cloud ACR and its image warehouse?")

Now, there are seven days to go before the official end of the event. Take the opportunity to open and experience the Alibaba Cloud container image service ACR for free, release original evaluation content, and wait for you for customized gifts such as mechanical keyboard and customized umbrella! Hurry up and ask your friends to join us!

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