Tapdata obtained the first batch of product ecological integration certification

Recently, the Tapdata Cloud of Shenzhen Titanium Platinum Data Co., Ltd. and the Serverless application engine (SAE) of Alibaba Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Alibaba Cloud") have completed the first batch of product ecological integration certification tests through strict testing procedures. As an enterprise selected for Alibaba Cloud's first cloud native accelerator, Tapdata works with Alibaba Cloud to build a richer cloud native industrial ecosystem through the cloud native accelerator project and accelerate the implementation of cloud native.

Previously, Alibaba Cloud put forward the "integrated" strategy for the first time: the establishment, implementation and replication of industrial solutions are entrusted to partners. Alibaba Cloud only undertakes the product technology at the level of infrastructure (IaaS), technical middleware (PaaS) and data platform (DaaS). "Being integrated" is an important change made by Alibaba Cloud after careful consideration of the business boundary, marking the comprehensive opening of Alibaba Cloud ecosystem to partners.

Alibaba Cloud product ecological integration certification is a technical capability certification for the compatibility and availability of Alibaba Cloud partners' own products, solutions and Alibaba Cloud-related products. This certification proves that the technical capability and product application level of Tapdata have met the adaptability requirements of Alibaba Cloud related products.

Shenzhen Titanium Platinum Data Co., Ltd. was established in September 2019. Tapdata is the world's first enterprise real-time data service platform based on DaaS architecture concept and oriented to TP business or scenario. It provides fresh and real-time data for downstream interactive applications, microservices or interactive analysis by centralizing enterprise core data in real time to the centralized data platform and through API or reverse synchronization. At present, Tapdata has served dozens of industry benchmark enterprises.

Based on the cloud native architecture, Tapdata is the first to launch the "real-time synchronization of heterogeneous data SaaS platform" in China - Tapdata Cloud, which will open the real-time synchronization capability of heterogeneous data to the outside world in a free form, solve the real-time synchronization/backup/migration, integration and other problems between enterprises across systems with 0 code and visual operation experience, help enterprises release the energy in the data preparation stage, and focus more on the development and innovation of data business, Accelerate digital transformation. Since the launch of the public beta, Tapdata Cloud has been tested and used by more than 7000 enterprise users, covering e-commerce, new retail, intelligent transportation, marketing media, software integration, high-end manufacturing and other industries.

Alibaba Cloud Serverless Application Engine (SAE) is a universal PaaS platform that is fully managed, maintenance-free and highly elastic. SAE supports the full hosting of Spring Cloud, Dubbo, HSF, Web applications, and XXL-JOB, ElasticJob tasks, zero transformation migration, non-threshold containerization, and provides many enhanced capabilities and enterprise-level advanced features on the open source side. The business architecture of Tapdata needs to take into account the consideration of multi-tenant, cost and flexibility. After considering various product selection, SAE is very consistent with the existing use scenarios. SAE has its own monitoring and rapid deployment without paying attention to the bottom layer, which effectively helps Tapdata reduce the pressure of operation and maintenance. Realize stable, fast and efficient operation of business.

Alibaba Cloud has a rich family of cloud native products, with more than 300 products and nearly 1000 technical solutions. This time, Tapdata has obtained Alibaba Cloud product integration certification, which represents that Tapdata has reached a new milestone in the construction of ecological cooperation. Tapdata has always maintained in-depth cooperation with Alibaba Cloud as an ecological partner. In the future, with the help of Alibaba Cloud's "integrated" ecological strategy and the comprehensive opening of ecological integration technology, the close cooperation between the two sides will enter a new stage and jointly provide digital transformation services for thousands of enterprises in China.

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