Container Service Becomes the First Choice of Chinese Developers

Enterprise cloud native investment has increased, and Alibaba Cloud container service has become the first choice for developers

The survey shows that cloud native has developed into an important engine driving business growth, and its importance to enterprises is increasingly high. Companies have also increased their investment in cloud native construction. 18% of companies spend more on cloud native accounting for more than 30% of the total company's IT investment.

Figure 1: Proportion of cloud native expenses in enterprise IT investment

As the cornerstone of cloud native ecosystem, Kubernetes has unexpectedly become the most popular container cluster management tool. 48% of developers said that they are using Kubernetes for container management.

Figure 2: Ranking of container cluster management tools

In terms of the use of container cloud platforms, most respondents choose to use the container services provided by cloud manufacturers, and only 12% of developers said they use the way of self-built container cloud platforms. Among the domestic mainstream container cloud platforms, Alibaba Cloud container service has become the first choice for developers. The results show that 52% of developers are using Alibaba Cloud.

Figure 3: Container cloud platform usage

The implementation process of cloud native large-scale applications is accelerated, and the value and challenges are shared

With the evolution of cloud native technology and the rapid development of the market, the value of cloud native gradually appears, which is the reason why developers prefer to use cloud native. 43% of developers said that cloud native can improve development efficiency. In addition, improving business agility is also an important reason to attract developers.

Figure 4: Main purposes of using cloud native

Compared with 2020-2021, the scale of enterprises' cloud native applications has also significantly improved. According to data comparison, the proportion of cluster deployment nodes with the size of less than 50 has decreased from 59% to 33%, the proportion of nodes with the size of 51-500 has increased from 29% to 47%, and the proportion of nodes with the size of more than 1000 has increased from 12% to 20%

Figure 5: Number of nodes

At the same time of the development of large-scale applications, the landing of cloud native applications still brings great challenges to developers, especially the "non functional" challenges, such as performance problems, fault problems, concurrency and throughput problems, etc; In addition, some functional deficiencies such as local storage expansion and GPU monitoring also persist. At the same time, the popularization of cloud native technology in China still has a long way to go, and relevant professionals are still in short supply. The report shows that only 7% of developers are skilled in cloud native, but about 60% of developers are actively learning cloud native related technologies.

Alibaba Cloud container service: efficient, intelligent, secure and unbounded cloud native infrastructure

After more than 10 years of technical practice, Alibaba Cloud has the largest cloud native product family and open source ecosystem in China, providing more than 100 innovative products such as cloud native bare metal servers, cloud native databases, container services, and microservices, helping Alibaba Cloud to become the only cloud service provider in China that has entered the Forrester public cloud container platform leader quadrant and has been selected into the Gartner container public cloud competition pattern for three consecutive years.

Alibaba Cloud Container Service ACK is the first service platform in the world to pass Kubernetes consistency certification. It provides high-performance container application management services and supports the life cycle management of enterprise-level Kubernetes container applications. It integrates the virtualization, storage, network and security capabilities of Alibaba Cloud. On the basis of standard Kubernetes, it provides a series of capabilities that enterprise-level users care about, such as security governance, end-to-end observability, intelligent cost analysis, cloud native AI, multi-cluster management in a multi-cloud mixed cloud environment, and helps enterprises efficiently run cloud Kubernetes container applications.

Figure 6: Alibaba Cloud container service product family

Since its official commercial release in May 2016, Alibaba Cloud container service has provided services for more than 20000 enterprises on the cloud to realize the modernization, transformation and upgrading of applications. At the same time, it has internally supported Alibaba Group's 100% application of the original cloud biochemistry, and its service customers cover the Internet, retail, finance, manufacturing, transportation and other industries. At the same time, Alibaba Cloud has also made important contributions to the global cloud native open source community and built a complete cloud native open source ecosystem. Now, 10 Sandbox/Inclusion projects under the Cloud Native Foundation CNCF come from Alibaba Cloud, helping Kubernetes effectively extend to multiple scenarios such as edge cloud, cloud native AI, and hybrid cloud.

In the future, Alibaba Cloud container service will work with practitioners and developers in the cloud native field to help more enterprises release the ultimate potential of cloud native technology.

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