The second gathering of Cloud Native Accelerator was successfully concluded

With the continuous deepening of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, digital transformation has become the only way for enterprises in various industries to seek survival and development in the digital economy era. In this context, cloud native technology, with its advantages of agile architecture, simplified operation and maintenance, cost reduction and efficiency increase, and accelerated innovation, has become the key support to promote enterprises to use cloud in depth and an important guarantee to create a new driving force for the development of the digital economy. At the same time, Yunyuansheng has also become the most popular cloud computing track in recent years, bringing new development opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation.

From August 19 to August 20, the first phase of Alibaba Cloud Cloud Native Accelerator, jointly organized by Alibaba Cloud Native Application Platform, Alibaba Cloud Accelerator and Alibaba Strategic Investment, completed the second gathering. Previously, 31 enterprises were selected in the first phase of Alibaba Cloud native accelerator, of which more than half were financing round B and above, and 1/5 were financing round C and above. The total valuation of the selected enterprises exceeded 33.8 billion, covering manufacturing, new retail, internet, medical and other fields. At this gathering, the founders and core executives of the selected enterprises gathered together and started a two-day in-depth study in Hangzhou.

Alibaba Cloud Native Accelerator is an enabling and accelerating organization focusing on enterprises in the domestic cloud native field. Relying on Alibaba Cloud's deep layout in the cloud native field and Alibaba's comprehensive ecological resources, it provides multi-dimensional accelerated enabling and ecological cooperation for start-ups in the cloud native field, such as business, technology, capital, brand, etc., to help them become star enterprises in the subdivided fields, and form a cloud native ecosystem with a hundred flowers blooming on Alibaba Cloud, Join hands to embrace the digital era.

The students have gained a lot and worked with Alibaba Cloud to build a cloud native ecosystem

After two days of intensive learning, cross-border exchanges and in-depth links, Alibaba Cloud native accelerator ushered in the completion ceremony.

At the ceremony, the participants exchanged and shared their harvest and experience. Some participants said that Alibaba Cloud native accelerator provides enterprises with a value platform of ecological links. It not only links Alibaba Cloud ecological resources with enterprises, but also realizes more links on enterprise technologies, products and solutions. On this basis, enterprises, businesses, organizations and individuals will accelerate their growth.

Other participants said that the cloud native accelerator has established a platform for enterprises to exchange and share, especially for Alibaba Cloud technology route and business development, as well as enterprise management, equity design and other related courses and exchanges, which has opened up our horizons and effectively helped the rapid development of enterprises at this stage.

Communication and co-creation, ideas collision, and heated discussion among experts in various fields

After the first rally and the end of the course in March this year, the students of Alibaba Cloud native accelerator expressed their full harvest and highly recognized the accelerator. At this gathering, Alibaba Cloud has invited professional tutors in the fields of enterprise management, cloud native, equity design and other fields to provide students with cross-border perspectives and guidance through immersive teaching and practice, open exchange and learning, and help enterprises in the cloud native field achieve rapid development.

Ding Yu, a researcher at Alibaba and general manager of Alibaba Cloud's intelligent cloud native application platform, analyzed the current situation and development trend of the cloud native market from a technical perspective, and introduced Alibaba Cloud's layout and latest progress in the cloud native field.

He pointed out that in the wave of industrial digitalization, cloud native has become the mainstream, leading the trend of comprehensive containerization, internet-based core technology, and serverless application. With regard to Alibaba Cloud's practice in the cloud native field, Ding Yu recalled that Alibaba has achieved the largest scale of cloud native practice in the world, with 100% of all businesses running on the public cloud and 100% application of cloud native technology. Based on the integrated optimization of the software and hardware of the container, the online business deployment of the scale of one million containers has brought the technical value of increasing the utilization rate of CPU resources by 30%, reducing the cost of ten thousand transactions by 80%, and improving the efficiency of R&D and operation and maintenance by 20%. By fully obtaining the cloud computing dividend, we can seize the business opportunity and create greater social value.

When the enterprise enters the stage of rapid growth, the organizational ability of the entrepreneurial team (management team) will play a key role in the development of the enterprise. During the second gathering, Ling Jun, the former co-founder of Pulse, shared ideas and opinions from the perspectives of organizational capacity cultivation, strategic operation and enterprise organizational management, with the theme of "organizational capacity cultivation of growth enterprises in the era of digital intelligence".

He said that the core of organizational ability is that entrepreneurs should integrate the roles of operators, managers and leaders to achieve "trinity". Entrepreneurs need to have the ability of managers to set clear goals and understand why they struggle; Managers need to have the ability to disassemble objectives and achieve objectives; We should also have the charisma of a leader who can attract, inspire and unite people.

For start-up companies, equity design is very important. Reasonable share allocation can help enterprises attract talents, capital and resources to make a big cake together. Zhou Lixia, the chief partner of Aurora Law Firm, shared about "dynamic equity design". She believes that the plan is more important than the document, consensus is more important than the plan, human nature is more important than consensus, and values are more important than human nature. Many business founders are worried about things. To a large extent, it is people who have problems. So they need to spend time and energy to find the right people to bind and inspire those who are right and good.

From the perspective of building a customer success system, He Run, founder of Zhiqu Baichuan, has brought some thoughts to you. He believed that the establishment of a complete market sales system needs to go through the stages of focusing on the success of the market segment, the growth of the market sales funnel, and the scale growth of the sales team.

In addition, the person in charge of product ecology from cloud native, nail open platform, computing nest, cloud market and other products shared the cooperation strategy and business docking mode for cloud native accelerator partners, and helped cloud native accelerator partners to expand more business opportunities through multi-dimensional, deep and comprehensive cooperation links.

Previously, member enterprises of cloud native accelerators such as Hard City, Titanium Platinum Data, SecCloud, Yunji Technology, and Qianyun have obtained the first batch of AliCloud product ecological integration certification. With the comprehensive opening of AliCloud's integrated ecological strategy and ecological integration technology, they have jointly provided digital innovation services to thousands of enterprises in China.

Alibaba Cloud native accelerator is an important investment of Alibaba Cloud accelerator in the field of cloud native. It is expected to empower entrepreneurial enterprises to work together to build a new ecosystem of cloud native industry. As an enabling organization with large scale, rich industrial resources, and accelerated efficiency in China, Alibaba Cloud Accelerator has gone deep into multiple vertical tracks in the past few years, accompanying and accelerating the emergence of leaders in many segments. In the future, Alibaba Cloud Accelerator will continue to focus on cutting-edge fields and lead entrepreneurial enterprises to collide with passion and innovate together, thus promoting the transformation and upgrading of China's industry.

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