Alibaba Cloud Container Service ACK product technology trends

Container Service ACK>>

Feature: ACK Kube Scheduler supports custom parameter configuration
The default scheduler of the ACK Pro cluster is the kube-scheduler component, which now supports custom parameter configuration and binpack and other related policy configurations. You can do this in component management.

Distributed cloud container platform ACK One>>

Feature: ACK One registered cluster supports using onectl to configure registered clusters
onectl is a command-line tool for registering clusters of Alibaba Cloud, which can help you install and configure Addon components with one click, thus simplifying the configuration of registered clusters. Use onectl to configure and register the cluster, click to view the document details

Alibaba Cloud Cloud Native AI Suite>>

Commercialization: commercial charges for cloud-native AI kits (international station)
In order to provide better services, Alibaba Cloud Container Service ACK cloud-native AI suite on the international website will start charging for this service at 00:00:00 on January 5, 2023.

Feature: ACK supports ECS GPU node documentation to add restrictions on NVIDIA models (China station/international station synchronization)

ACK will try to automatically check and clear the MIG configuration information when adding ECS GPU nodes, but it relies on NVIDIA tools, which cannot guarantee the success of the cleanup, and the node may fail to be added.

Container Mirroring Service ACR>>

Feature: Enterprise Edition supports the sale of quota packages (international station)
It supports cloud security scanning engine quota package, built-in integrated cloud security scanning capability, and provides continuous risk discovery and automatic repair capabilities. Supports warehouse quota and namespace quota packages, which is convenient for you to use incrementally on the current instance specification.

Feature: Enterprise Edition supports redundant storage in the same city

In some regions, the Enterprise Edition creates intra-city redundant OSS Bucket types by default, and existing OSS Buckets can be opened later through work orders, further improving the storage and distribution stability of your container images.

Feature: Product center upgrade

ACR Product Center provides basic container images from Alibaba Cloud official and Dragon Lizard community, such as Dragonwell, Alinux3, Anolisos, Tensorflow, Pytorch, etc., to make your business containerization process more efficient and secure. Click to view document details

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