Retail's High-Tech Renaissance

The next digital era of retail and e-commerce.

Retailers' Challenges in 2020

In the new era of explosive consumer demand and constantly changing shopping habits, how can new retail stores and e-commerce catch up with customers’ needs and leverage technology as an enabler to create an amazing shopping experience? Follow Alibaba Cloud, the cloud service provider of the world's leading e-commerce giant Alibaba, and check out what is happening during this high-tech renaissance.

Why Alibaba Cloud for Retail?

As one of the world’s biggest retail commerce companies, Alibaba has completely changed the game in China. Alibaba spearheads a new form of retail, merging the best of online and brick-and-mortar retail into an omnichannel consumer experience. Alibaba is in the midst of revolutionizing traditional supermarkets and shopping malls to support smartphone-powered digitized in-store shopping experiences, changing how consumers shop for everything from groceries to cars.
In China
970 PB
Of data was processed during 2019’s Double 11
Transactions during peak time of 2019’s Double 11
CDN nodes globally

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Our Creative Retail & E-Commerce Cloud Technologies

Save on Workforce - Intelligent Customer Service

Traditional customer service generally involves a lot of human effort in terms of answering calls and replying to messages, which are inefficient and labor-intensive. Intelligent customer service uses real-time intelligent dialogue, helping enterprises relieve labor constraints and gain full control over service quality.

Featured Product(s)

Intelligent Speech Interaction

Intelligent Speech Interaction is suitable for various scenarios, including intelligent Q&A and intelligent quality inspection.

Intelligent Robot

Based on natural language processing (NLP), Intelligent Robot is a dialogue platform that enables smart dialogue through various dialogue-enabling clients, such as websites, mobile apps, and robots.

Sale in a Flash – Livestreaming

There is no doubt that livestreaming has become a new trend in e-commerce. During the livestream, hosts demonstrate the product on-site to exhibit the product in a way that words can’t show. This technology can influence users’ decision-making and strike deals in a shorter time.

Featured Product(s)

ApsaraVideo Live

ApsaraVideo Live is a live streaming platform for both audio and video based on leading content hosting and delivery networks and large-scale distributed real-time transcoding technology.

Search Anything, in Any Way – Intelligent Search

Intelligent search tools are suitable for e-commerce websites and platforms to fulfill customers’ search requests and provide a more convenient search experience.

Featured Product(s)

Image Search

It helps users find similar or identical images. Based on machine learning and deep learning, the product enables end-users to take a screenshot or upload an image to search and find desired products and fulfill other search requests.

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Intelligent Speech Interaction

It converts short audio (< 1 min.) to text and is applicable in real-time scenarios, such as voice search.

Automate Processes – Intelligent Operation & Management

(Special recommendation for go-China businesses)

To free you from repetitive work, such as order processing and batch uploading, the workflow can be handed over to highly-efficient robots with low-error rates that can work anytime.

Featured Product(s)

RPA (Now available in Mainland China)

It is a new type of workflow automation office robot software that performs automatic process execution processing by simulating manual operations. It can free office staff from repetitive tasks and improve production efficiency.

Recommended Solutions

Reinventing Retail:

Alibaba Cloud's E-Commerce Solution

Alibaba Cloud's comprehensive e-commerce solutions come with the same leading technologies that support the Double 11 Global Shopping Festival, paving the way for advanced e-commerce scenarios. Alibaba Cloud enables your e-commerce business to stand out from competitors.

Alibaba Cloud Retail Transformation

Alibaba Cloud enables digital retail transformation to fuel growth and realize an omnichannel customer experience throughout the consumer journey.

Online Conference:

Retail’s High-Tech Renaissance – Alibaba Cloud’s New Retail Online Conference

Join us and familiarize yourself with our core retail and e-commerce cloud technologies and solutions through the step-by-step best practices with our experts. Learn about how to leverage Alibaba Cloud technologies to empower your retail and e-commerce business.

Half-Day Conference

Our senior solution architects and product experts will share professional insights and inspiring customer cases.

Best Practices

Global e-commerce platforms, like Taobao and Tokopedia, host mega shopping festivals every year, which requires a superior-standard architecture that automatically scales in response to traffic volume changes. Learn more about the giants' choice and get a guidebook about building an auto-scaling system.

Whitepaper: The Technologies behind the Biggest Global Shopping Festival