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Alibaba Cloud can empower your gaming business with agile development, secure and fast global distribution, and cost-effective operations.

Join us at GDC 2024 to explore Alibaba Cloud’s gaming solutions and demonstrations. Engage with expert speakers, delve into curated sessions, and discover the forefront of gaming trends and technologies. Don’t miss out!

Booth #1855, South Hall, Moscone Center
March 20-22, 2024 | San Francisco

Alibaba Cloud Speaking Session

Essentials for Successfully Launching Your Game in Asia

Discover how to tap into Asia's gaming market, with approximately 1.5 billion gamers, spearheaded by China, Japan and South Korea. In this session, Alibaba Cloud, along with Edgegap and Xsolla, will present what game developers and studios need to launch a game in Asia to grow their player base. We will guide you through essential components and prerequisites for entering the Asian gaming market, covering aspects such as hosting, network infrastructure, fleet management, and payment systems.

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm | Thursday, March 21
Room 3001, West Hall, Moscone Center

Alibaba Cloud Gaming Solutions

Customer Success Stories

Learn more about the exciting ways Alibaba Cloud transforms gaming business from our customer success stories with enish, JP GAMES and more



JP GAMES focuses its business on gaming and metaverse. They chose Alibaba Cloud not only for product implementation, but also for addressing issues in the development of the metaverse business, and promoting joint development as a technology alliance partner.

"ApsaraDB for PolarDB provides high read/write performance and is fully compatible with MySQL. It enables seamless business migration, concurrency of over one million players, and fast business recovery when the game server restarts after software or hardware failure."

XD Inc. is a well-known gaming company and a top 100 Internet enterprise in China whose business scope covers game R&D and operation, animation, and entertainment. It builds all business systems based on Alibaba Cloud’s ApsaraDB for PolarDB solution, which provides an excellent game experience for tens of millions of mobile game players.

“Since dynamic migration became possible with DTS and SMC, services were migrated with the shortest downtime for switching DNS and checking operations.”

- Rei Yamashita Director CTO, BIGBANG Inc.

BIGBANG Inc. is the video game production company responsible for the "Sengoku Chronicles" franchise. Empowered by Alibaba Cloud, BIGBANG performed a seamless dynamic migration from the previous cloud environment, built a test environment in about 15 days, migrated their production environment in one month, and achieved a 40% reduction in cloud infrastructure operating costs.

"The performance of Alibaba Cloud's products and services went well beyond our expectations with almost no obstacles. "

- Hari Kurniawan, Indofun IT Manager

Indofun Games is the leading mobile game provider in Indonesia, which prides itself in providing entertaining games and having excellent services for its customers. Alibaba Cloud offers one of the most complete and mature cloud computing service packages for Indofun. With the computing, storage, database and network service solutions from Alibaba Cloud, Indofun can be confident that it can reach its customers throughout Indonesia.

"Overall, the capabilities brought about by Alibaba Cloud's network and auto scaling solutions have allowed Lyto to focus on what it does best, eliminating the worry of installing and maintaining the physical infrastructure needed to support its online services."

- Andi Suryanto, CEO

PT. Lyto Datarindo Fortuna is one of the largest online game publishers in Indonesia with players all across Asia, including in Korea, Japan, China, and Singapore, and a growing number of players in newer markets like the US and UK. Alibaba Cloud is the number one choice in cloud computing in both China and the Asia Pacific region, making it a clear choice as Lyto's cloud service provider. Through using a host of Alibaba Cloud's network and auto scaling service solutions, Lyto was able to expand its online services with greater ease than ever before.

Security and Compliance

We are committed to providing stable, reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing infrastructure services across major jurisdictions worldwide.
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  • SOC2 Type II Report
  • C5
  • MLPS 2.0
  • MTCS

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