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Industry-Leading SLA

Ensures a service availability of 99.975% for each single instance and a service availability of 99.995% for multiple zones in a single region

Flexible Instance Purchase Modes

Provides flexible instance purchase modes. For example, you can select the subscription or pay-as-you-go billing method and purchase a reserved instance, a savings plan, a preemptible instance, or an elasticity assurance.

One Account for All Regions

Allows you to use a single Alibaba Cloud account to manage resources in all the 89 zones across 30 global regions

Security and Reliability

Complies with the local information security standards of the countries or regions where Alibaba Cloud services are deployed and the information security standards that are globally applied

ECS Customer Success Stories


“Whenever we spun any new servers, Alibaba Cloud provided the complete hourly or monthly subscription costs. So, we could work out our budgets and business plans upfront, well before we deployed the needed servers. This was something that only Alibaba Cloud was able to provide.”


“It has a user-friendly interface. So far, we have enjoyed reliable and almost 100% uptime services for our solution. Alibaba Cloud provides cost-effective solutions so we can pay as we use.”


“In some cities, we experienced a 600% increase in volume. That required allocating resources to manage delivery times, communication, quality control, and more while ensuring that our app ran smoothly. Our partnership with Alibaba Cloud made that possible.”


"We are exhilarated to have joined Alibaba Cloud's infrastructure and ecosystem. The team is fantastic and continues to provide support for scaling and expanding our business." - Lim Huijie, CEO & Founder, VisionTech Pte. Ltd.


Alibaba Cloud's stable, highly reliable infrastructure enabled Chow Tai Fook to cope with its rapid development and transaction traffic and deliver a secure and trusted digital experience to its customers.


"Alibaba Cloud offered a comprehensive solution that kept INFT's platform up and running with minimal downtime. INFT was also able to keep its business data secure by taking advantage of Alibaba Cloud's holistic set of security products." - Eldwin Wong CEO & Founder, IN Financial Technologies


"Kopi Kenangan chose Alibaba Cloud due to our international reputation as an IaaS and PaaS cloud provider, coupled with our strong local presence in Indonesia, allowing us to support the company’s R&D teams across multiple locations."

Overview of Instance Specifications

Alibaba Cloud has designed different types of cost-effective ECS instances that cater to various business scenarios, supporting virtual machines, containers and elastic bare metal instances.

Alibaba Cloud Solutions

Alibaba Cloud provides diversified cloud-based universal solutions and industry-specific solutions.

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Build, deploy, and manage applications with high availability, reliability, and elasticity with Red Hat OpenShift on Alibaba Cloud

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Accelerate AI-driven business and AI model training and inference with Alibaba Cloud GPU technology

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Bring the reliability, security, and smart solutions of Alibaba Cloud to your SAP workloads.

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A Handbook for Migrating On-Premise Systems to Alibaba Cloud

This whitepaper is a comprehensive guide to help enterprises assess, implement, optimize, and secure their migration journey with Alibaba Cloud.

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Alibaba Cloud Infrastructure Guide for AWS Professionals

This whitepaper addresses the key benefits of Alibaba Cloud services and provides an executable process to help migrate from AWS to Alibaba Cloud smoothly.

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Alibaba Cloud Infrastructure Guide for GCP Professionals

This whitepaper addresses the key benefits of Alibaba Cloud services and provides an executable process to help migrate from Google Cloud (GCP) to Alibaba Cloud smoothly.

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Alibaba Cloud Product Catalog

This whitepaper provides an overview of Alibaba Cloud's product portfolio.

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