Data Security Protection: Backup&Disaster Recovery

Alibaba Cloud provides simple, easy-to-use, and cost-effective online backup and disaster recovery services.


Undeniably, data is the core of digital operations, and data security determines the survival of enterprises. If a data center fails, enterprises may face irreversible damages. Enterprises are in urgent need to strengthen data protection.
Vigorously Develop Disaster Recovery Infrastructure to Protect Data Security. As a leader in the cloud disaster recovery industry, Alibaba Cloud continues to invest in and develop innovative disaster recovery products. Disaster recovery is the most fundamental technological requirement in the digital economy era, and the cloud is making disaster recovery easier.


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  • Bader Barham

    Senior Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud META


Solution Architecture

Cloud Backup and Recovery

This simple architecture creates a backup of your existing architecture on the cloud using Alibaba Cloud OSS. Transferring data to and from Alibaba Cloud OSS typically occurs through the network, and is, therefore, accessible from any location. The backup and recovery scenario on the public cloud is achievable via a storage gateway installed on a user’s on-premise virtual machine and is responsible for configuring the connection to Alibaba Cloud OSS buckets. Storage gateway is installed in a datacenter and is connected to OSS directly. The storage gateway supports industry standard protocols such as NFS and iSCSI to provide a seamless, low-latency, and secure connection between your on-premise environment and Alibaba Cloud OSS.


  • Enhanced security and compliance
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Accessible from any location

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Embedded in this architecture is the production site and a common disaster recovery (DR) scenario called 'warm standby' or 'Cloud DR Site', which are connected via a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The warm standby is a scaled-down version of a fully functional environment that is always running in the cloud as a mirror environment and minimizes recovery time. The servers in warm standby run on a minimum-sized cluster of Alibaba Cloud ECS instances, and the DR environment is completely functional. In case of production system failure, the architecture scales up the standby environment for production load, and the DNS records change to route all traffic to Alibaba Cloud.


  • Business continuity
  • Disaster recovery site
  • Auto Scaling as per requirements

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