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Go Serverless in the Cloud - Introducing a game-changing application infrastructure

The Rise of Container Management

Can Service Mesh Transform the Future? - Leap into the future of software platforms

The Future is Open Source - Optimizing cloud native platforms for growth


Jeffrey Hammond

Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Jeffrey helps CIOs and digital leaders succeed by working with them to improve their software delivery capability and by helping them assess the relevance of emerging software technologies. As a 25-plus-year software industry veteran, he's helped clients improve their development shop culture, apply Agile and continuous delivery best practices, and build successful developer ecosystems. Jeffrey's been a developer; managed development teams; built award-winning commercial development tools; and, over the past decade, has helped Forrester clients navigate mobile, cloud, IoT, DevOps, and low-code technologies and tools.

Shuai Chang

Staff Engineer, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Shuai is a Staff Engineer from Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Cloud Native Team and focuses on Serverless Computing technologies. He is currently responsible for container technologies, observability, research and overall architecture for Serverless products such as FunctionCompute and Serverless Workflow.

Li Yi

Senior Technical Expert, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Li Yi (Mark), is the Director of Engineering for Container Service at Alibaba Cloud. Mark leads the product development and technical strategy for the container product portfolio at Alibaba Cloud. Previously Mark worked at IBM as Senior Technical Staff Member in cloud computing and middleware areas.

Dongsheng Li

Chief Architect, DongFeng Nissan Data Marketing

Mr. Dongsheng Li has over a decade of experience in software industry. He is a full stack engineer (ranging from front-end, back-end, operations and architecture), currently engaged in DevOps and Cloud Native. Mr. Li is enthusiastic on bringing better working and cooperating efficiency through technology. After joining DNDC, he mainly oversees the wholesome technology architecture and outlines the future landing of DevOps project.

Xining Wang

Senior Technical Expert, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Xi Ning WANG, senior technical expert of Alibaba Cloud, the leader of Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh(ASM), focusing on Kubernetes, service mesh and other cloud native fields. Previously worked in the IBM and served as the chairman of the Patent Technology Review Committee. As an architect and main developer, he was responsible or participated in a series of work in SOA middleware, cloud computing and other fields. He has more than 50 international technical patents in related fields. Participated in technology sharing at multiple conferences such as KubeCon, ArchSummit, and IstioCon, etc. Author of "Istio Service Mesh In Action" and other publications.

Harry Zhang

Staff Engineer, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Harry Zhang is a member and co-maintainer of the Kubernetes community and is now co-leading the Kubernetes & OSS effort ta Alibaba Group. Lei has been engaged in the Kubernetes project since 2015 and is also a member of KataContainers community.

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Customer Success Stories

See how companies large and small are leveraging Alibaba Cloud to grow and improve their business

By leveraging the solution proposed by Alibaba Cloud, Investree completed the re-architecture from monolith to microservices; shortened its time of app development and deployment; reduced IT and resources expenditures; and improved reliability and agility.

Investree is Indonesia's leading B2B marketplace lending platform for SMEs that is fully licensed by the Financial Services Authority of Indonesia (OJK) for both conventional and Shariah businesses. Investree is based in Indonesia but has grown its regional footprint in Thailand and soon to be in the Philippines. Investree's mission as a marketplace is to use technology and data to provide small businesses with access to working capital solutions from retail and institutional lenders.

Asakita found that Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes ensures a reliable and consistent experience, provides workload portability, and also provides scalability and stability that is required by the application.

Asakita is a leading peer to peer lending online platform in Indonesia that provides all your financial needs through customized micro loan services. Our products are made with one goal in mind; to simplify the long-winded verification processes for loans, facilitating the disbursement of loan funds in just 5 minutes.

Currently, Splio is using and exploring managed services such as Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK). By using this service, Splio no longer needs to maintain these clusters, which saves them time and allows them to focus on their core business.

Splio is a SaaS New Loyalty Marketing Platform that combines such services as New Loyalty Engine and Marketing Automation with Mobile activation, including mobile wallets, mini-programs, to enable marketers to acquire, activate, engage and retain customers with personalized communications on all channels, driving loyalty and revenue for brands. Over 500 brands in a diverse number of sectors are all using Splio worldwide.

Using container registry and container services to reliably deploy workloads and orchestrate resources. Improve visibility through API gateway, cloud monitoring and service mesh on top of container services.

Unocart Insights is the Google Analytics for brick-and-mortar shopping, giving FMCG companies real-time omni channel insights into consumer demographics and buying behaviours. By leveraging mobile technologies to capture receipt images, Unocart has simplified the panelist experience which results in a broader, more engaged base of panelists than other traditional methods can deliver.

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