Digital Beats: Digital Transformation in the Logistics Industry

Supply chain disruptions have been a hot topic during the pandemic. In the logistics industry, many digital transformation efforts have been made to improve supply chain visibility. What are the challenges and what’s been achieved? What’s in the future for the logistics industry?


Ken Xu

International Business Industry Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

Ken Xu is currently a Solution Architect with Alibaba Cloud, taking charge of Media, Gaming and Logistic Industry. Previously worked as Solution Architect and Senior Consultant with IBM GBS Cloud Application Services Service Line. His expertise lies in designing and developing enterprise applications and complex system integrations.
He received an Honours Degree and Master's in Information System from National University of Singapore (NUS).
He is a certified Alibaba Cloud Professional (ACP), AWS Solution Architect Associate, and others.

Nidhi Gupta

CEO and co-founder of Portcast

Nidhi Gupta is CEO and co-founder of Portcast, a next-generation logistics operating system to predict how cargo moves across the world and enable data-driven decisions. A former DHL senior director, Nidhi was responsible for developing new business and customer relationships in the engineering and manufacturing sector across 14 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Passionate about digitisation and innovation in logistics, she has a strong track record of defining strategic vision and managing transformation programmes, with 10 years of leadership and top management consulting (CXO-level) experience.

AI Service Dispatch Solution Highlights

  • Industry-Leading Real-Time AI Dispatch

    This solution leverages advanced Reinforcement Learning AI technology to implement real-time AI-informed decision support on service dispatch, enhancing field service efficiency compared to traditional AI solutions in batch mode.

  • Logistics Expertise

    Our service dispatch algorithms are trained from the logistics industry best practices from Cainiao, founded by an Alibaba-led consortium. The algorithms have proved to bring at least a 15% efficiency improvement on deliveries with 99.99% accuracy of arrival.

  • Robust Cloud Platform

    Alibaba Cloud’s robust cloud-native platform provides reliability, scalability, security, high performance, operational excellence, and cost optimization on your service dispatch system. Alibaba Cloud’s powerful machine learning platform powered by Machine Learning Platform for AI can continuously improve algorithm quality.

  • Quick Implementation

    This solution enables you to develop machine learning models with zero coding, allowing you to turn your domain experts into data scientists with little effort. With the highly scalable modular architectures, you can quickly replicate the same service dispatch system to other regions on a weekly basis.

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Six Steps to Implement AI Service Dispatch

Step 1
Step 1
Data Modeling

Organize your data to build a data model according to your business.

Step 2
Step 2
Architecture Design

Design a modular architecture for agile deployment.

Step 3
Step 3
Scalability Implementation

Implement scalability to quickly adapt to load changes and reuse business rules on new scenarios. Replicate the same service dispatch system to other regions on a weekly basis.

Step 4
Step 4
DevOps Support

Use CI/CD tools for DevOps with end-to-end collaboration services and easy-to-configure scripts.

Step 5
Step 5
Project Delivery

Deliver projects with agility to meet frequent requirement changes.

Step 6
Step 6
Continuous Support

Quantify the effect of the AI service dispatch algorithm in real-time to check its efficiency.

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