The Forrester Wave™ Cloud Data Warehouse, Q4 2018

Alibaba Cloud is the best cloud data warehouse vendor in China and is ranked 7th in the world.

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A real-time data warehouse for serving and analytics which is compatible with PostgreSQL.

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This report comprehensively evaluates the product depth, breadth, and functional features of the Cloud Data Warehouse (CDW) solutions from 14 vendors.

After After comprehensive evaluation from Forrester analysts, the Alibaba Cloud Data Warehouse platform achieved the best results among Chinese vendors and ranked 7th in the world in comprehensive scores.evaluation by Forrester analysts, the Alibaba Cloud Data Warehouse platform ranked 7th in the world in comprehensive scores, which also achieved the best results from Chinese vendors.

Alibaba Cl In the report, analysts identified several major products of the Alibaba Cloud Data Warehouse, including MaxCompute, DataWorks, and AnalyticDB. Analysts stated, "Alibaba Cloud provides a reliable data analysis platform based on a wide range of infrastructure to meet customers' real-time and EB-scale data processing needs.”

Alibaba Cloud in the Report

Alibaba CDW offers a credible analytical solution for global deployment. Alibaba offers a broad range of infrastructure, platform, and analytics services, similar to Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and other large providers. While Alibaba Cloud offers a viable data warehouse with deployments across various vertical industries, most are in China. Alibaba Cloud’s AnalyticDB and MaxCompute solutions offer real-time and exabyte-scale capabilities to address various use cases. Customers enjoy MaxCompute's multiple computational model, ML capability, strong security, and geo-distributed support as well as AnalyticDB's unstructured data capability and its open platform to support a variety of BI tools. Enterprises looking for a global data warehouse solution that spans Asia and other continents should take a look at Alibaba. Alibaba's road map includes extending its’ AI/ML and autonomous capabilities and optimizing its integration with Spark.

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