Connection is key. Alibaba's DingTalk is significantly helping us all to mitigate the medical, educational, and economic risks of the unforeseen COVID-19 outbreak.

International Medical Expert Communication Platform

Alibaba's DingTalk provides a communication platform for experts all over the world to communicate seamlessly with global doctors who can share their invaluable experience of fighting coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Every day, a large number of Chinese medical experts contribute their efforts and work remotely through the application. DingTalk is now opening up its capabilities as a digital platform to medical staff outside China, allowing experts all over the world to communicate seamlessly with global doctors who can share their invaluable experience of fighting COVID-19.

  • Simply download DingTalk application and register, and join a team to start an instant communication
  • Real-time intelligent AI translation
  • Implement remote diagnosis and experience sharing through video conference

Online Education

This solution enables you to rapidly build cost-effective platforms to bring the best education to the world anytime and anywhere. Coronavirus forces schools to shut down and alternatively move classes online. Alibaba's DingTalk enables educational institutions to build cost-effective online education platforms to rapidly launch and expand classes online with a vision to provide the best teaching and learning experience to the world.

Screen sharing to make presentations easy
Support both training mode and discussion mode
Support video in 1080P HD

Efficient Remote Work & Collaboration

The COVID-19 outbreak forces many employees to work remotely and collaborate via the cloud. DingTalk is a smart collaboration solution that provides a platform for real-time communication and remote collaboration.

  • Free online conference and VoIP conference call for up to 302 parties during COVID-19 outbreak
  • Stable and 1080P HD video conferences
  • Screen sharing for online conference

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