Get the most out of Alibaba Cloud with flexible pricing options

Flexible Billing Options to Fit All Your Needs

Pay-As-You-Go Billing

Achieve the elasticity you need and only pay for what you actually use. No upfront payments required.

Save by Subscription Billing

When elasticity isn't a concern, pay a lower rate to maintain your day-to-day services.

Resource Packages

Multiple resource packages for greater flexibility and better cost effectiveness. By purchasing a resource plan, you will receive a discount on future bills.

Simplified Billing Process with Even More Payment Options

Flexible Payment Options

Flexible Payment Policies

Choose the billing policy that best fits your needs. Payments are collected at the time you subscribe for resources or when your pay-as-you-go bill is generated.

Extended Grace Periods

By completing Alibaba Cloud's corporate qualification assessment, you may qualify for extended grace periods for your monthly payments.

Multiple Payment Methods

Bank Transfer

Enterprise-level customers usually prefer to pay by bank transfer. So we provide them with exclusive accounts on our end and cover any and all handling fees.

Other Payment Methods We Support

Explore the Billing Plans for All Alibaba Cloud Products

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