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Alibaba Cloud e-Magazine Issue 9

Innovation Beyond Borders: Accelerate Your Global Strategy

Over the past few decades, China has continually demonstrated a solid appetite for the international market, where many enterprises have successfully established their business overseas. Disruptive technologies, growing local market competition, dynamic consumer demands, global market changes, and innovative business models have shifted globalization from a business agenda to a strategic imperative for most Chinese enterprises.

Alibaba Cloud believes in making it easier for companies to carry out their business efficiently from anywhere. In this issue of the Alibaba Cloud E-magazine, we will feature experts from various industries to bring forth their insights around going global. We will showcase how Alibaba Cloud is helping businesses transform the way they engage with global customers and accelerate success beyond borders.

Key Learnings
· Foreword by Selina Yuan
· Innovation Beyond Borders: Accelerate Your Global Strategy
· Insight Report on Chinese Enterprises Going Overseas
· Trends and Challenges in the Development of Live Streaming in Overseas Markets
· Global Accelerator: Alibaba Cloud Network Acceleration Service
· Pimax: A Case Study of Entering Overseas Markets with Innovative Products
· 36Kr: Pioneers and Successors of Chinese Internet Enterprises Entering the Southeast Asian Market

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