Database Backup

A reliable, cost-efficient backup service for continuous data protection.

Database Backup (DBS) is a secure and cost-efficient solution for continuous data protection. The service offers strong protection for data stored in multiple environments, such as enterprise data centers, hybrid clouds, public clouds, and third-party cloud vendors.


Real-time Incremental Backup
Performs incremental backups in real time and lowers RPOs to several seconds.
Offers a Pay-As-You-Go billing method. Users can achieve disaster recovery quickly and avoid big investments in infrastructure.
Support for Multiple Environments
Supports backing up databases deployed in ECS instances, on-premise data centers, and third-party cloud environments.
Security and Encryption
The most secure encryption techniques are used to ensure the security of data during transmission and storage.


Quickly Back up Your Data to the Cloud

Create a stable backup solution through simple configuration.

Guarantee the security of data

DBS enables you to back up your data to the cloud quickly so that you can always recover your data whenever errors occur.

Simple and highly efficient

You can set up backup plans through a few steps.

Secure Your Data Through Encryption

SSL encryption is supported during data transmission. Encrypted storage is also available to further protect your data.

Encrypted data storage

Cloud data can only be accessed with keys, which protects data privacy.

SSL encrypted transmission

You can enable SSL encryption during transmission to guarantee the security of data.

Real-time Incremental Backups with Lower RPOs

Built using real-time data synchronization techniques, DBS supports incremental backups and reduces RPOs to several seconds.

Enable incremental backups easily

DBS performs real-time incremental backups based on database logs. You can back up different types of databases incrementally through simple configuration.

Meet compliance needs

DBS offers a data backup solution that supports real-time incremental backups and reduces RPOs to several seconds, meeting different compliance needs.


  • Cloud Backup
Remote Backup

Remote Backup


To meet compliance requirements, internet finance, banking, and insurance companies need to maintain local backups and also remote backups of their databases. DBS enables users to perform remote backups of RDS instances, databases deployed on ECS instances and in on-premise data centers. Database backups are synchronized to OSS in real time through leased lines or public networks.


  • Secure Remote Backups

    Multiple mechanisms are provided to ensure the security of remote backups: leased lines, IP whitelists, and SSL encryption.

  • Flexible Data Recovery

    Offers backup lifecycle management and allows users to restore a database to a specified time accurate to seconds.

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup


DBS helps users back up on-premise databases in real time to quickly enable disaster recovery. User can restore a database to a specified time based on their needs.


  • Cost-efficient Backup

    The Pay-As-You-Go billing method enables users to avoid big investments in infrastructure.

  • Cloud Archiving

    Offers three storage classes and supports long term archiving.