Alibaba Cloud for Students

Alibaba Cloud is proud to empower students all around the world to become the next generation of IT and cloud professionals. Eligible university students will gain access to cloud computing and e-learning resources.
This offer is currently available to university students enrolled in these countries and regions.

Program Overview

Get a head start on your career in the cloud. Verified students will gain access to our exclusive student benefits, including free Elastic Compute Service (ECS) and training courses.
cloud server for the 1st year
free training courses

How to Join?

Create an account

Register an Alibaba Cloud account and add a method of payment. It is recommended to add your credit card for faster processing time. No upfront cost required.


Verify you're a student

Submit your application to verify your student enrollment status. It is required to verify your identity if you are going to use PayPal instead of credit card.*

Verify student

Get student benefits

Get Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) for free for an entire year. That's up to $139.80 in savings. You will also receive 10 free Clouder certification courses.

$0/year ECS Free training

* For applicants who don't have a credit card or if the name on the credit card does not match their enrollment record, it is required to complete identification verification first. This may cause a delay in the process of your student verification.

Exclusive Student Offer on Cloud Server

Get Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) for free for an entire year. That's up to $139.80 in savings.

1 Core CPU

1GB Memory

40GB Ultra Disk

Linux OS

60,000 PPS

1Mbps Bandwidth

Get 10 Free Certification Courses

Apsara Clouder Technical Certification is a light-weight certification program that aims to help learners quickly understand Alibaba Cloud and its applications. Eligible students will receive 10 courses for free.

Operate & Manage a Cloud Server

Understand the advantage of a cloud server. Learn how to purchase a cloud server on Alibaba Cloud, manage the server on our console, backup critical data and ensure your system can adjust according to business needs.

Manage Object Storage on the Cloud

This course explains the basic concepts of OSS. It also includes demos such as bucket management, object storage operations, image processing, website hosting and monitoring and introduces the OSS related security features.

Manage a Relational Database on the Cloud

Learn about the basic concepts of RDS, the benefits of using it (compared to conventional database solutions) and understand its key features. It also includes demos that further introduce database/account management, security settings, read-only instances, database backups and third-party tool integration.

Migrate Data to Big Data Platform on the Cloud

Quickly learn the basic concepts and architectures of MaxCompute and DataWorks, and how to perform data integration with multiple data sources and formats.

Scale Python on Cloud

In this course we will introduce how Alibaba Cloud scales Python based on its offline data processing engine, taking advantage of both Python and the unlimited computing resource on the cloud.

Process Structured Data with Python

Quickly understand the processing of structured data using Python Pandas through hands-on practice.

Cloud Platform Security Overview

Understand the transition from traditional IT infrastructure to cloud infrastructure and recommended security best practices in the cloud.

Secure Your Data on Alibaba Cloud

This course will help you to fully understand Alibaba Cloud's overall data protection solution.

Why Alibaba Cloud Alibaba Cloud is trusted by over 2.3 million customers worldwide, and is an Official Cloud Services Partner to the Olympic Games.
Cloud Without Borders
Cloud Without Borders

Cut down latency and deploy globally on Alibaba Cloud’s international network of 21 data center regions and manage all regions via a single global account.

Safeguard Your Data
Safeguard Your Data

Alibaba Cloud is committed to the highest levels of compliance including Germany's C5 standard, PCI DSS for payments, HIPAA for healthcare, and the EU GDPR for data protection and privacy.

Record-breaking Performance
Record-breaking Performance

Alibaba Cloud has broken records in data sorting technology, DDoS protection, and e-commerce transaction processing volume.

APAC's No.1 Cloud
APAC's No.1 Cloud

Alibaba Cloud has been named first in Asia Pacific market share for IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and IUS (Infrastructure Utility Services) in two consecutive years.

Alibaba Cloud Academy Partnership

Alibaba Cloud​ will provide professors with discounts to one of the most powerful computing platforms in the world and our online lab platform to facilitate the inclusion of cloud computing / Big Data / Security topics in their academic portfolios. Students will benefit from industry-leading training materials, online hands-on exercises, and discounted certification exams, providing them with reliable, market-recognized credentials in addition to their university degrees and future career.

Rules & FAQs

  • 1. What countries and regions are included in the program?
    For now, this offer is exclusive to university students from selected countries & regions after successful verification of enrollment. View eligible countries and regions.
  • 2. Why am I asked to go through an extra step of identity verification?
    Identity verification is required before verifying one's education educational status if 1) The names on the credit card associated with your account do not match your enrollment record or 2) PayPal is your preferred method of payment.
  • 3. Student Verification Tips
    -Each account can submit the verification request twice.
    -Please use the same name in identity verification (if you are asked to do so as above-mentioned) and student verification.
    -If you are not able to request verification, you may not be eligible for this program.
    -If you already uploaded supporting documents and are not approved, you can also send an email for details of the disapproval or request for further review.
    -If you have an enterprise account, you are not eligible to request for student verification.
  • 4. Student Offer Details
    The offer is limited to 1 server per student. The offer includes:
    • Select prepaid ECS server for free on a yearly subscription. The supported instance types might be changed time to time.
    • 10 free Clouder certification courses for students and 15 free clouder certification courses for educators. Regular, non-discounted prices apply for subsequent course.
  • 5. Can I get the exclusive student offer on cloud server if I have already purchased ECS?
    Yes. However, if you have already got free ECS with Alibaba Cloud Free Trial program, you are not eligible to get free ECS with Alibaba Cloud for Students program.
  • 6. Can I renew the cloud server?
    Yes, however the special offer is only for the first year. After that, the price will be back to original price.
  • 7. Can I cancel the yearly subscription of the cloud server and get a refund?
    No. The sale is final and can not be canceled for a refund.
  • 8. Disclaimer
    Alibaba Cloud reserves the right to end or adjust this Offer at any time.
  • 9. Can I use Prepayment Balance to purchase ECS with student discount?
    No. Prepayment Balance is not valid for this offer. You can refer to the documentation for details about Prepayment Balance.
  • 10. Can reseller account or reseller's sub-account enjoy student discount?
    No, this offer is not valid for reseller account or reseller's sub-accounts.