Cloud System Expert Support (Deluxe Edition)

Alibaba Cloud provides full remote technical support in case of emergencies to ensure the stability of your businesses on the cloud. Our team of experts tests your system’s capacity and provides on-site technical support as well as advice on management schemes, system optimization and disaster tolerance methods, and emergency response mechanisms.

Application Process (Exact details to be negotiated)

  • 1

    Submission of application (N)

  • 2

    Requirements communication (N+1)

  • 3

    Solution implementation (N+2)

  • 4

    End of support

N indicates the day of application submission

Price: Subject to negotiation

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Application Scenarios

This service is applicable to situations when your system is facing sudden increase of traffic volume, for example, during business promotions, advertising and marketing, version updates, or online promotional campaigns. Alibaba Cloud experts provide you with technical support and emergency response services to help you maintain business stability in such situations.


Users whose system components are all deployed based on Alibaba Cloud products and services.


Expert support team

This service sets up an expert support team during the service period according to the customer's business requirements. The team supports technical service management, application architecture, security, database, and operation and maintenance. The team also provides remote technical support with DingTalk, and a technical service manager will provide on-site support service if necessary.

Analysis of current system (optional)

This service quickly analyzes existing bottlenecks in your systems (applications, databases, and security) and provides a specific optimization solution that is feasible within a short term.

Cybersecurity protection (optional)

This service, with your authorization, assists you in setting service parameters for your Cloud Anti-DDoS Service (purchased separately) based on your business goals, and provides you with a flexible defensive bandwidth (up to 300 Gbit/s) based on the security situation of your application systems.

Server security protection (optional)

This service uses Alibaba Cloud server security products to detect system and web application vulnerabilities, scan for port security, and detect viruses and Trojan horses for your application servers, and provides repair solutions and suggestions based on the results. With your authorization, this service performs 24/7 security event monitoring, and analyzes and works out emergency response plans for you.

System capacity optimization and resizing (optional)

- Before the start of a campaign, this service evaluates the capacities of your systems (applications and databases), provides performance stress testing advice based on your expected promotion metrics (concurrent volume), and gives optimization and resizing solutions based on the stress test results.

- This service provides cloudification architecture optimization recommendations based on your business characteristics and cloud operations.

Database optimization (optional)

This service fully diagnoses your databases as requested to identify any potential bottlenecks and provides an optimized solution.

Disaster tolerance solution planning (optional)

This service provides advice on disaster tolerance solutions for your application system based on your business characteristics and needs.

O&M support during campaigns

This service responds to major issues within minutes, and provides 24/7 remote support for O&M assurance and emergency services during promotional campaigns.

Online technical support

This service provides technical support through DingTalk during business hours as stated in the term of service.