Through this course, you can understand the core of application security and some typical network attacks methodologies. You will master the core skills of application security on the cloud, including how to access Alibaba Cloud WAF, prevent SQL injection, prevent website tampering, prevent CC attacks, and how to conduct business risk management.

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Certification:Apsara Clouder - Cloud Security Specialist Certification: Cloud Application Security
Duration:45 minutes
Available Languages:English
Registration Fee:USD $10.00


Apsara Clouder - Cloud Security Specialist Certification: Cloud Application Security


45 minutes

Available Languages:


Registration Fee:

USD $10.00


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    Cloud Application Security
    you will understand the main security risks faced by web applications on internet and solutions offered by Alibaba Cloud.
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    Cloud application security overview
    Using WAF to protect your application
    Defend against some typical web application attacks
    Anti-Fraud function in WAF
    WAF console go through (console demo)
    WAF domain name protection (console demo)
    WAF ACL control (console demo)

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