Events DingTalk

Leverage convenient services based on the powerful DingTalk platform to enhance communication and coordination efficiency for the event operation teams


The Events DingTalk solution provides convenient, intelligent digital tools featuring high efficiency and easy installation for event operations through excellent instant messaging capabilities and SaaS application service capabilities.


  • Efficient Planning

    Efficient Planning Visual management of events and tasks helps the organizers complete efficient multi-party cooperation during the games to boost efficiency and administrative capacity.

  • Instant Communication

    Diversified instant messaging capabilities, such as single chat, group chat, and video conference, combined with event analysis, summary, and reporting ensure multi-channel communication and optimize the event operation process.

  • Proprietary App

    The development platform featuring low code and visualized operations save R&D investment in building an app for event operation and multi-party collaboration that connects different systems.

  • Open Platform

    This solution provides application/market + cloud habitat community, multi-dimensional ecosystem support, and has rich service capabilities for travel, accommodation, retail, and weather reporting.

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How It Works


Based on Alibaba's Dedicated DingTalk solution, Events DingTalk meets the team communication and cooperation requirements during event preparation and operation by providing mobile, convenient, safe, and efficient digital services through powerful instant messaging and light coding customization development abilities.

Features and Value

  • The Events DingTalk solution provides mobile and computer synchronization capabilities to meet the needs of event operations. The light coding development capability is highly flexible for business changes and personalized customizations. The collaborative application of event management supports task decomposition, tracking, and progress statistics, providing effective management processes for operation management.

Dedicated DingTalk

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Security and Compliance

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