Environment Brain

Data-driven green development for a smart and ecological civilization

Core Capabilities

Integrated Management

The Environment Brain combines geolocation systems with ecological data to provide an all-in-one environmental service.

Smart Monitoring

By using data from various entities, Environmental Brain employs cloud computing and algorithms to monitor pollution.

Smart Regulation

Environment Brain analyzes enterprise waste production to create a company's environmental footprint profile.

Smart Emergency Response

Environment Brain monitors the transport of hazardous materials in real-time and reduces risks during transport.

Breakdown the Barriers to Data Collection

Innovative Practices

Menglan Shencai


Alibaba Cloud developed innovative methods for waste management relying on big data, data mining and machine learning algorithms. Alibaba Cloud analyzed each stage of the waste cycle including waste production, processing, and disposal. For each cycle, Alibaba Cloud created waste assessment and fraud prevention models and built environmental impact profiles. By scientifically matching waste production with waste processing, Alibaba Cloud reduced the number of intermediate steps and ultimately increased efficiency for waste disposal while also creating a system to minimize hazardous waste transport.


Big data helps environmental protection management for enterprises, departments, and agencies. A company's waste management department can use big data applications in their decision-making to better manage overall operations. At the same time, big data supports emergency responses to environmental hazards. By collecting data from all stages of the waste life-cycle and then conducting dynamic analysis, agencies can aggregate emergency response resources to enable better emergency response.



Photovoltaic (PV) power is volatile by nature. It can be affected by solar radiation, battery temperature, cloud cover, etc. The risk: unpredictable fluctuations in capacity and output. Because of this, when PV power connects to the grid, it can cause huge safety and management issues. So how can we better predict capacity and output of PV power? Alibaba Cloud has adapted new technology to create a tiered prediction model of PV output. We combine AI with real-time data mining from public sources like weather and PV stations to create models that span short, mid and long-term time frames. With this solution, we improve the accuracy and safety of PV power.


The intelligent PV power prediction system effectively reduces the negative impact of PV power generation on the grid. This increases the safety and stability of power grid operations, reduces the operating costs of power systems, and fully utilizes solar power resources.

Suzhou Hi-Tech Zone


Intelligence Brain uses big data and artificial intelligence technologies to collect data related to economic development and enterprise development. It then uses smart analysis based on algorithmic models and top-down product architecture to assist decision makers seeking insights into the operations of a company. From the perspectives of environmental protection, an enterprise can make quick assessments of corporate environmental credit ratings, to achieve a comprehensive and systematic evaluation of the overall quality of the enterprise.


The comprehensive evaluation of enterprise intelligence provides an objective, comprehensive and systematic assessment of the company's performance in environmental protection, scientific and technological innovation, safe production, and credit management.



Leveraging our data and algorithm capabilities, Alibaba Cloud analyzes data from sewage monitoring systems and online work condition monitoring systems in real time. By combining this information with enterprise environmental credit profiles, we can intelligently identify fraudulent monitoring data. By monitoring and predicting the total sewage output for different regions and enterprises, and combining this information with total permitted sewage volumes, this solution will help environmental supervision and regulatory agencies intelligently provide early warnings and take preventive measures.


This solution increases the quality of environmental quality monitoring data, improves the efficiency of sewage permit applications, and revolutionizes total permitted sewage monitoring methods.

Major Breakthroughs

Environmental Protection Data

Based on Alibaba's Data structures, Environment Brain builds environmental data warehouses to service environmental governance and enterprise emission reduction.

Algorithm Models

Based on the global environmental protection data, Environment Brain builds smart algorithms that improve modeling, the accuracy of predictions, regulation enforcement, and emergency response.

Environment Regulation Models

Environment Brain uses interconnected environmental protection data and algorithms to break through limits of single-node environment regulation and improve environmental management.

Unlock New Potential

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