Provides an end-to-end cloud management platform, empowers vehicle suppliers to operate as mobility service providers, improves the efficiency of operation and maintenance, and reduces the costs of building management systems for vehicle suppliers.

IoV Command Center (IoV CC) has been designed for cloud-managed vehicles. It provides six service modules for comprehensive management throughout the lifecycle of vehicles, and helps vehicle suppliers monitor and service vehicles remotely, intelligently, and in real time. IoV CC can be used in multiple scenarios, such as fleet vehicles, shared mobility services, and driverless vehicles.


End-to-end Service
Six service modules support comprehensive management throughout the cloud-managed vehicles lifecycle
Diverse methods for accessing IoV CC quickly and custom development for vehicle suppliers
Multiple Scenerios
Multiple cloud-managed vehicle scenarios: shared mobility, private vehicles, fleet vehicles, and driverless vehicles
Real-time monitoring of vehicle data, immediate response, alerts, and data analysis


  • Virtual Car

    Cloud-managed Vehicle Mirroring Service

    Defines vehicle data formats, collects mirrored vehicle data, monitors mirrored vehicle data, and generates alerts.

    Cloud-managed Device Mapping Service

    Provides the mapping between a device ID of the vehicle supplier and a Device ID-mapping Service (DIS) virtual device ID of IoV CC. The mapping service is the foundation for other services in IoV CC.

    Cloud-managed Vehicle Account Mapping Service

    Provides the mapping between an account of the vehicle supplier and an Account ID-mapping Service (AIS) user ID of IoV CC. IoV CC can connect with the vehicle supplier's account system to share management of user data.

  • OTA

    Multiple Update Types

    Supports system updates, application updates, application creation and uninstallation, on-demand updates, and plugin updates. The vehicle supplier can select the required update type.

    Comprehensive Version Lifecycle Management

    Provides comprehensive update management throughout the version lifecycle, including creating an update package, and creating and testing, prereleasing and releasing, and unpublishing a version. This allows the vehicle supplier to easily manage updates.

    Diverse Update Policies

    Provides diverse update policies, including the milestone update, force update, overnight update, and silent update, and supports the update blacklist and whitelist and custom update to meet different update requirements.

    Complete Update Security Measures

    Provides multiple security features, such as mutual authentication, power loss protection, domain hijacking prevention, and update rollback, to ensure the security and reliability of the update.

    Comprehensive Update Data

    Provides real-time update data statistics, update result display and analysis, and update failure diagnostics, to help the vehicle supplier learn about the update progress in real time and use this data to locate update issues.

  • Remote Assistant

    Remote Diagnostics

    Allows the vehicle supplier to check the device status in real time and deliver diagnostic commands remotely in IoV CC, to support device troubleshooting.

    Remote Desktop

    Allows the vehicle supplier to access the desktop of a head unit and perform required operations remotely in IoV CC, to help the vehicle supplier locate and solve issues quickly.

  • SyncStore

    Synchronizes data across multiple devices and platforms in real time to facilitate data exchange between mobile phones, vehicles, and smart home devices.

  • YunFunction

    Provides the Function Compute service that calls functions using events to help the vehicle supplier respond to data changes in real time.

  • CMNS

    Provides a built-in persistent connection channel for message transmission based on Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT), and supports downstream and upstream messages.

  • APIs

    Service Output Modes

    Provides two service output modes: standard management in the console and integration of the vehicle supplier's cloud with IoV CC.

    Module-based Output

    Supports the on-demand combination of modules.


  • User Engagement and Service-based Monetization
  • Remote Fix and Update
  • Data Interoperability
Vehicle Management

Vehicle Management

Real-time Management and Tracking of Vehicles in IoV CC

A traditional system cannot manage and control the vehicle operation status, and does not support scenarios such as shared mobility and unattended logistics. However, IoV CC allows the vehicle supplier to manage the real-time vehicle status, monitor data changes, generate alerts, and complete scheduling tasks.


  • Monitoring of Vehicle Locations

    Provides the current location of vehicles, monitors vehicle movement, and supports geo-fencing for perimeter alerts.

  • Collection of Real-time Data of Vehicles

    Collects comprehensive information about vehicles, such as the current speed, fuel consumption index, and remaining battery power.

  • Multiple Scenarios

    Applies to multiple scenarios, such as shared mobility, logistics, public transportation, leasing companies, and government and enterprise vehicles.

  • Remote Control

    Supports the remote control of a head unit using a mobile phone based on vehicle data synchronization.

User Engagement and Service-based Monetization

User Engagement and Service-based Monetization


The services of purchased vehicles are not updated. This results in the continuous depreciation of vehicles with their continued usage. However, a vehicle supplier can use IoV CC to engage with users in after-sales services, and can push new services to the users with message pushing and system updates. Therefore, the vehicle supplier can monetize the services of third-party providers and allow users to enjoy continuous service updates.


  • Message Delivery

    Delivers activity, notifcation and alert updates

  • Service Update

    Provides the latest services using the OTA update module.

Remote Fix and Update

Remote Fix and Update

Prevention of Expensive and Inconvenient Vehicle Recalls

Almost 10% of annual vehicle recalls are caused by software issues. This can result in great costs. However, if these vehicles are connected to IoV CC, the vehicle supplier can remotely solve issues or complete updates by downloading update packages to the vehicles. Users do not need to return these vehicles to 4S dealership stores or the vehicle supplier for maintenance. Therefore, IoV CC can save maintenance costs for the supplier and bring more convenience to users.


  • Remote Diagnostics

    Diagnoses and solves simple issues remotely in IoV CC in an easy and efficient manner.

  • Bug Fixing

    Fixes software bugs using updates to provide secure and reliable services.

  • Overall Update

    Provides intelligent and distributed updates for ECUs and MCUs.

Data Interoperability

Data Interoperability

User-centered Multi-terminal Data Interoperability

IoV CC enables interactions between users and vehicles. Drivers can control their vehicles using mobile phones, control smart home devices using a head unit, and enjoy a more comfortable and intelligent experience.


  • Binding Between Users and Devices

    Binds vehicles, smart home devices, and user accounts to create associations between people and devices.

  • Multi-terminal Connection

    Allows users to check current vehicle status on mobile phones, and controls doors and air conditioners of vehicles using mobile phones.