Hybrid Backup Recovery

Provides an easy-to-use BaaS solution that protects your data on premises and on the cloud.

Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR) Pricing

Hybrid Back Recovery service charges backup storage used, backup license consumed, outbound network traffic and cross-region replication network traffic.

For VMware virtual machine migration to ECS, HBR charges migration fee instead of above mentioned backup fee.

The following prices are for reference only. The exact price will be based on the customized plan you choose.

Backup Storage Cost

Backup storage is the total storage consumed by all backup vaults and mirror vaults.

Storage Type Charge Unit Per Month Cost Per Hour Cost
Backup Storage Per GB US$0.031870 US$0.000044

Backup License

HBR charges backup license for different data types, including files (ECS files or on-premise server files), applications (SQL Server and SAP HANA), VMware virtual machines.

Backup license does not apply to backup of Alibaba Cloud NAS and OSS.

Backup Types Charge Unit Per Month Cost Per Hour Cost
Files (ECS files, On-premise server files) Per ECS or Per server US$5.383511 US$0.007477
Applications (SQL Server, SAP HANA) Per Server US$27.994258 US$0.038881
Virtual Machine ( VMware ) Per GB of Virtual Disks (VMDK) US$0.012920 US$0.000018

Network Traffic

HBR charges two type of data transfered:

1. The outbound traffic generated when restoring to on-premise environment through internet

2. The backup vault cross-region replication traffic generated when replicating backup data to mirror vaults

Outbound Traffic
Traffic Charge Unit Unit Price
Outbound Traffic Per GB US$0.072
Cross-Region replication traffic
Traffic Charge Unit Unit Price
Cross Region Replication Traffic Per GB US$0.072

Virtual Machine Migration Fee

For VMware virtual machine migration to ECS, HBR charges migration fee.

VM Type Charge Unit Unit Price
VMware Per virtual machine US$108.00