Global Acceleration

Global Acceleration enables nearest possible access to global network services

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Backed by Alibaba's global backbone networks, Global Acceleration is a network acceleration product enabling nearest possible access to network services around the globe. This helps to deliver a better experience for end-users through minimizing the impact of network problems such as latency, jittering, and packet loss affecting service quality.


Purchase Independently

  • Purchase Global Acceleration instances as an independent resource rather than bundling other computing resources or storage resources

  • Own and operate Global Acceleration instances as independent resources on your account

Flexible Binding

Bind a backend service to a Global Acceleration instance anytime you need to accelerate service access and unbind the backend service when you no longer need it.

Configurable Network Capabilities

Adjust the peak bandwidth for Global Acceleration instances according to your business needs. Changes take effect in real time.

  • The maximum bandwidth that the Global Acceleration public IP can use to access backend services is 1000 Mbps and 10 Mbps minimum bandwidth. To apply for larger peak bandwidth, please consult your Alibaba Cloud business manager.

  • The gradient is 10 Mbps for peak bandwidth between 10-100 Mbps

  • The gradient is 100 Mbps for peak bandwidth larger than 100 Mbps

Product Details

Global Acceleration provides acceleration nodes and abundant bandwidth resources all over the world, and provides a quick deploy and maintain methods, to present users a one-stop acceleration experience.


Global Acceleration Services

Enables global acceleration of your services through Alibaba Cloud's backbone networks.

  • Globally Acceleration Nodes: Acceleration nodes are deployed both inside and outside of China to prepare your applications for users across the globe.

  • Rich Bandwidth Resources: Supports up to 10 Gbit's of acceleration bandwidth to meet your service's bandwidth requirements.

  • Activate in Seconds: Build globally reachable acceleration links quickly by creating services with appropriate acceleration in relevant service regions.

  • Dynamic Binding and Unbinding: Acceleration links are decoupled from backend services to allow for fast binding and unbinding with backend services.

On-demand Purchase and Flexible Management

Pay for what you need, activate it in real time, and manage it through a variety of options.

  • Use On-demand: Pay for what you need and activate or reconfigure everything in real time.

  • Various Management Methods: Choose between automated calling using APIs/SDKs or graphical management from the console.


Same Game Server for Global Players

Scenario: Deploy your service in one Alibaba Cloud location and leverage the low-latency and highly stable network service provided by Global Acceleration to enable global players to game on the same server.


  • Low-latency: High-stability network services, which delivers a consistent gaming experience for players worldwide.

  • Easy Deployment: Build acceleration links in seconds to rapidly service global players.


Global Acceleration charges by bandwidth and supports Subscription billing. Consult your customer manager for pricing.

Payment Method Billed Items Description
Subscription By Bandwidth •The billing cycle is 1-month and the available options are 1- to 10-months, 1-year, 2-years, and 3-years. During the contract period, Subscription instances only support resource upgrades and do not support the downgrade or release of resources.
• During the contract period, the Subscription instance's peak bandwidth can be increased but the instance cannot be released and the peak bandwidth cannot be reduced.

Overdue Payments

Stopped Instances: In the case that a bill is overdue, the service will be stopped and locked. The user will be unable to perform any operation on the instance and the instance will no longer forward any traffic. The IP address and related configurations of the instance will be reserved. Instances will be automatically restarted if the user settles the outstanding bill within 15 days after the service stopped.

Release Instances: If you do not settle your overdue bill within 15 days after the service stopped, the instance will be released. The IP address and the instance configurations will be deleted and cannot be restored.

Getting Started

Access Global Acceleration Through the Management Console

The Alibaba Cloud Management Console provides a simple web-based user interface that allows you to access and configure Global Acceleration.

For a step-by-step guide on how to deploy Alibaba Cloud Global Acceleration through the management console, please read the Quick Start Guide.


To launch Alibaba Cloud Global Acceleration, please see the Documentation for a detailed introduction on how the product works and how to modify and manage Global Acceleration.

VPC API Reference

Access web-based Global Acceleration APIs to programmatically create, manage and achieve greater control of your product resources.


The following resources offer detailed information about Alibaba Cloud Global Acceleration.

Developer Resources

See the links below for advanced features and Documentation. These resources are useful for developers wishing to integrate Alibaba Cloud Global Acceleration with their existing applications or to improve configurations.



Quick Start Guide