Alibaba Cloud ECS g8m Instance

An Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance family that uses excellent ARM-based chips and provides the highest cost-effectiveness ratio compared to other ECS instance families.

Based on an Advanced Cloud Native Processor
with High Performance

As the first instance family that uses ARM v9 architecture CPUs, ECS g8m instances provide performance that is 20% higher than the industry benchmark. The energy efficiency ratio is 50% higher than the industry benchmark. ECS g8m instances use chips whose transmission rate is improved by using memory and interface technologies, such as DDR5 and PCIe v5.0.

The cost-effectiveness ratio of ECS g8m instances is 100% higher than the seventh-generation general-purpose instances. The network performance and storage performance are also 100% higher than the ARM-based instances of the previous generation.

ECS g8m instances are suitable for scenarios, such as cloud-native applications, AIC applications, video codecs, and common Internet applications.

High Computing Performance of a Single Core

Each vCPU core of an ECS g8m instance is a physical core and does not support hyper-threading. Therefore, the performance of a single-core instance is higher than a single-core X86-based instance that supports hyper-threading. The performance of a single-core SPECrate2017_int_base instance is 40% higher than a single-core seventh-generation general-purpose instance.

Excellent Network and Storage Performance

The network performance and storage performance of an ECS g8m instance is 100% higher than an ARM-based instance of the previous generation with the same specification. The network bandwidth and storage I/O capabilities of small-specification instances are burstable. The forwarding capability of NGINX long-lived connections is improved by 40%.

Uses the Third-Generation SHENLONG Architecture

The SHENLONG architecture, developed by Alibaba Cloud, is a computing architecture that integrates software and hardware. Dedicated chips are used to reduce virtualization overheads. This way, you can use almost all the compute capacity of your ECS g8m instance. The system also provides automatic O&M and hardware-level isolation. This ensures that your business can run in a more stable and secure environment.

g8m Helps Improve the Efficiency of
Cloud-Native and Container-Based Scenarios
Each physical core only supports one thread and provides high computing performance. One instance can contain up to 128 vCPU cores and supports high concurrency. Therefore, you can deploy multiple applications on the same instance. You can deploy your applications on ECS g8m instances easily. ECS g8m instances are also cost-effective.
Cloud native
Android in the Cloud Scenarios
Android in the Cloud (AIC) platforms and mobile platforms use the native ARM architecture. ECS g8m instances can connect to these platforms seamlessly. You can run applications, including game simulators and Android system compilers, on ECS g8m instances without installing binary conversion tools. The scalability of ECS g8m instances can also help you reduce costs.
Common Internet Application Scenarios
The computing performance of a single vCPU core of an ARM-based instance is more than 30% higher than an X86-based instance, while the price of an ARM-based instance is only 70% of the price of an X86-based instance. ARM-based instances are suitable for compute-intensive applications, such as video codecs, web services, databases, and games.
High price efficiency

Instance Types

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Instance type


Memory (GB)

Bandwidth (Gbit/s)

Packet forwarding rate (pps)




1 (Maximum value: 10)

0.5 million




2 (Maximum value: 10)

0.9 million




3 (Maximum value: 10)

1 million




5 (Maximum value: 10)

1.6 million




10 (Maximum value: 16)

3 million





6 million





12 million





24 million


● Instance for Invitational Preview

You can only apply for one instance. Instance Type: ecs.g8m.xlarge, System Disk: 40 GB, Bandwidth: 0 Mbit/s - 4 Mbit/s, Zone: Hangzhou-I, and Duration: two months

● Note

After this invitational preview is complete, the instances for the invitational preview will be released. Do not deploy the production environment of your application on an invitational preview instance. If you deploy the production environment on an invitational preview instance, your business will be interrupted after the invitational preview is complete.

Users using Alibaba Cloud through a reseller or distributor are not eligible for the testing.

● Suggestions and Comments

Please complete the questionnaire if you have suggestions and comments about ECS g8m instances.


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