Application Real-Time Monitoring Service

Build business monitoring capabilities with real-time response based on frontend monitoring, application monitoring, and custom business monitoring capabilities

Auto Scaling Pricing

Application Real-Time Monitoring ARMS provides: "front-end monitoring" and "application monitoring", and provides two versions: Free and Professional.

Free Trial Version

Free trial versionDaily application monitoring 10 Agent*Day, front-end monitoring 20000 PV, custom monitoring 2 parallel task trial quota.015 Days

Professional Version

NameSpecificationPrice(¥)Unit price(¥)Time
Primary package150 Agent*Day9800.273 / Agent*Hour6 Month
Intermediate package1200 Agent*Day5,8800.204 / Agent*Hour1 Year
Advanced9600 Agent*Day35,2800.152 / Agent*Hour1 Year
Golden package100 Agent*year93,573.20.1064 / Agent*Hour1 Year
Platinum package300 Agent*year243,6000.0912 / Agent*Hour1 Year
Top package500 Agent*year334,1940.076 / Agent*Hour1 Year


Billing itemsPrice(¥)
Total daily duration of all application Agents online0.28 / Agent*Hour